Wheat from the Chaff – The Wii's Shovelware Epidemic

BritishGaming investigates the amount of badly reviewed games on the Wii, and the disparity in customer reception.

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Xander-RKoS4537d ago

Ultimately, all this "article" says is that gamers and non-gamers like different things. I think he should be awarded a medal for this discovery, personally...I mean, it takes a lot of courage to not only point out something so obvious, but also to join the infamous ranks of telling people that they hare having fun the wrong way.

A game gets a low score on Metacritic, a site that average reviews written usually by gamers for gamers. For a person who enjoys video games as an art form or as escapism and considers it fun, metacritic is probably a reliable source. For people who aren't traditionally gamers and have to look through Amazon to buy a game, the games rated high on Amazon are probably more suited for them.

I'm in a game store regularly, I see people who don't look like gamers in there and they like the party games, they like the simple little mini-game compilations to ease their mind off life or to have something fun to do when people come over. And it's genuine fun, you can see it in their eye. Have anyone ever taken a non-gamer and treated them to Wii Sports? Or even Carnival Games? They are having fun, fun that they wouldn't possibly have traversing through the haunting corridors of Metroid Prime or slicing people in half in No More Heroes or Madworld.

If you do the math on Metacritic, the PS2 had the lowest ratio of good to bad games (like 30%) in it's life, and thats the 75 and up scoring, which rounds out to about 200 or so good games out of nearly 2000 games. The Wii right now has about 22% on the same scale, but Madworld got good reviews, Excitebots and Little King's Story has received positive acclaim, The Conduit is undoubtedly get good reviews scores, maybe being brought down by reviewers who going to make claims that it's generic and offers nothing new (other than the best control scheme for an FPS), Marumasa will score well, Dead Space, Punch Out, heck, Silent Hill will probably score well for the Wii if they can execute it well enough. We also know that almost anything Nintendo puts out in terms of their classic franchises will instantly turn to gold, so add that to the list, that will hopefully bring the ratio up, but if the Wii could get around 200 titles that are considered good (already have like 76 in 3 years) then I think no one can say the Wii wasn't a good console.