Namco: "Tight-Lipped On Ace Combat 6"

Namco Bandai has remained tight-lipped on rumours that Ace Combat 6 will be coming to Xbox 360, telling Eurogamer this afternoon that it had nothing to announce.

However, the publisher has reportedly released themes and picture packs on Xbox Live today, partially confirming to Gamespot's declaration that Ace Combat 6: Fall of Liberation will be released on Microsoft's console later this year. We've also seen scans of a magazine preview.

According to reports, AC6 will include multiplayer for the first time in the series' history, with head-to-head battles, team and co-op matches sitting alongside online leaderboards.

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Marty83704757d ago

This is nothing more than a rumour, as nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Had to laugh at this comment posted at 'Eurogamer'.

Waiting for the PS3 version... I want the jet engine noises to come from the game and not the console ;)

ASSASSYN 36o4757d ago

WTF lets be realistic here. 1. It is coming to xbox 360. 2. screen shots have been shown already. and 3. three down loads have been on xbox-live market place for a week now under Ace Combat 6 coincidence a game with the same name has downloads...NO!

BIadestarX4757d ago

AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAH not confirmed for the 360?
I even purchased the game's theme! Major nelso even confirmed it.
Sony fanboys always in denial.

hamburgerhill4757d ago

It's funny how ever since 360 started taking exclusive after exclusive you PS3 fans started blurring out the obvious! All this talk about 3rd partys going to every console was just Sony boy's trying to look at the bright side they created in there heads! 360 is offering new IP's out the buzz hole and taking the exclusives away from Sony as we speak lol! Those apparent multiplatform games are all coming to 360 from the look of things and not only that because some appear to be jumping ship from Sony all together! At this pace in 2009 the PS3 won't even have any games to prove it's imaginative superiority because it won't have any! This game is coming to 360 and will make it's way to PS3 a year later like the norm! If you people want to play exclusives first I would recommend purchasing a 360 as it appears to have a huge variety that's reminiscent of how PS2 did it but only this time the hardware is actually better than it's competitor as well!

AuburnTiger4757d ago

"Waiting for the PS3 version... I want the jet engine noises to come from the game and not the console ;)"

Now that's funny

MissAubrey4757d ago

You're b3yond help my friend.

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Rooted_Dust4757d ago

I'm sure this will be a multiplatform release. What was the last exclusive Sony lost, that became exclusive to Xbox? I can't think of any, help me out if you know of any.

BIadestarX4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

Yeah, right.. the same can be said about lost planet and dead rising. Isn't Capcom a 3rd party? Just because is Namco it does not mean it will not be exclusive. You have to remember that this kind of game have a target audience and with the PS3 installbase it may not make sense to make this game for a while, also, Namco may not be interested on having to built a network to support multiplayer on the PS3 when xbox live is just there. Also, lets not forget that this game was a PS2 exclusive, why it wouldnt be a 360 now?

Rooted_Dust4757d ago

My view on Lost Planet and Dead Rising is that they were designed for next-generation hardware in mind, and what was the only Next-gen system out during their development?...360. Had both systems been relesed at the same time I believe you probably would have seen a multiplatform release for those also. But, my point again is, is there a precedent for a game that has switched platform exclusivity? It also doesn't make sense to move a game away from it's intalled base of fans.

GEV1L4757d ago

Well a few games have switched platforms as exclusives. However, I can mostly think of Rare as an example. Perfect Dark being the most recent, and the Banjo Kazooie Series coming up next. Also the conker series but these all moved from Nintendo to Microsoft. The only example that I can think of is maybe the Oddworld series. It was on Ps1 and than moved to xbox. I dont think they made an oddworld game for ps2 but i could be worng. Still nothing that I can think of is from PS3 to x360 as an exclusive.