GameStop Gets Exclusive Silver Dualshock 3 Rights

Playstation Lifestyle: "In the weekly GameStop ad, we find that Sony has given GameStop exclusive rights for selling the Silver DualShock 3. Retailing for $54.99, the new controller makes its North American Debut, as it was once exclusive to Japan."

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Ghoul3514d ago

Store exclusives are hurting the industry.

I HATE preorder specials etc bound to a certain store, or can annyone plausible explain to me why i shouldnt be able to get the same as anyone else without beeing forced to buy it at certain stores.

Ghoul3514d ago

i just watched the new call of juarez trailer .....

at the end it says : "preorder now to unlock powerfull weapons and classes, Gamestop."

Thats what i mean, they are allready in a trailer.....

The gaming GOD3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

But unfortunately, we know how the American economy works. Since everyone is selling the same product initially, Every seller is looking for that extra "something" to make you buy it from THEM rather than someone else. And yes, it does cause harm to the gaming industry because it's a way of forcing people to purchase from ONE spot.

The end result of something like this is it can put a stop to competition. If someone has a certain pre order special that EVERYONE wants, they can jack up prices because they know you can't get the extra anywhere else but from them.

Ghoul3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

i know exactly why they do it, but its also totally weird how publisher grant gamestop exclusives knowing that gamestop is the main cause for declining gamesales with theyre used games strategie.

And especially in something like games, for me the choice of purchase should be the price and service not some extras that alianate the normal users.

Gamestop makes a good amount of cash on preorder specials that people order just to get a refund for the gamedisc, that way they have another unit they can sell with huge margins.


and yes your right but i think your choice off purchase shouldnt be an extra something, instead i buy my games allways at the shop that offers me a good price and GOOD service. Gamestop is awefull when it comes to both and therefore they "buy" theyre customers with exclusives wich is so cheap...

SaiyanFury3514d ago

@ Ghoul

Agreed. Although I'm not so worried, I just got a second DS3 with my recent purchase of a second PS3 so I'm not so concerned. But it sucks for people who don't have access to a Gamestop if they'd want to get their hands on this.

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cranium3514d ago

What makes a different coloured controller so special anyways?

Jeff Goldblum3514d ago

What makes a RED Ferrari so special?

Why do people paint their fences, walls and cars?

Why do people have different colored DS's, Ipods and PSPs?


Style and individuality.

Max Power3514d ago

its special...but seriously its a way to differentiate yourself from others, the same applies to different colors in consoles (both handheld and regular)

skip2mylou3514d ago

Originality and not copying other peoples color. look at Japan see how many different colored PSPs', DSi, PS3, PS2, and 360. it allows people to seperate themselves from everyone else.

farhsa20083514d ago

haha, i feel really sorry for the fools that have been dying for silver ds3's, i ordered my one from japan over a year ago, dont buy from gamestop, just import it, its way cheaper too.

Max Power3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

the import price?

Nevermind i just looked down at goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum3514d ago

Why wait a month or two for a silver Dualshock 3 for $60?

You can go onto eBay right now and buy a White, Silver or Black Dualshock 3 for $34 w/ free shipping. It will be delivered new within a week.

NNNW3514d ago

whoah that is cheap.

crck3514d ago

Do you have a link? All I see on ebay is $35 + $20 shipping.

Unicron3514d ago

Maybe they should get exclusive "stop selling opened games as new" rights as well.

Pillage053513d ago

I'd like to just knock out the next gamestop employee that tries that BS on me....but I'd rather not go to jail, not to mention it's not really their fault...gamestop makes wal-mart look good, not an easy task.

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