Microsoft Confirms HDMI Xbox360 on XNA GSE forums

Confirmation of the new Xbox 360 "Elite" has been hard to come by with swirling rumors abounding every where it's hard to find hard facts. This post on XNA GSE forums nearly confirms the existence of an HDMI Xbox 360 when the question was asked whether or not there was any changed needed with the HDMI hook up in regards to XNA. The reply from a Microsoft employee was simple. "No changes needed."

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gooner4319d ago

not many things we can look a ps3 and say i wish we done that eh?
might get this version but who knows?

SuperSaiyan44319d ago

No one confirmed anything other than 'No revision is needed' which easily could mean a new 360 is NOT needed i.e. No 360 revision.

calderra4319d ago

Yeah, this is the most sensationalized piece of "news" in a while.
Yes, his statement could well have meant "no changes needed... because there is no Elite system".

And what would you possibly need to change about XNA for HDMI anyway? Or any other connector, for that matter?

gta_cb4318d ago

but if there wasnt a revised XBox 360 then wouldnt he have said, "no revised XBox 360" lol seriously though i do want answers! (from Microsoft)... :(

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4318d ago

more info this week, OH YEAH! ;~)

Ps30074318d ago

My ps3fanboy butt shall own your sole when this comes out. I shall go onto Gears of War and do nothing but Tag all of your butts time after time.. Then just when you think you have me BAM i pistol whip you from like 10 feet away and make you look like an UBERNESS NOOBLES

For real!

Seriously... I would get this... You HAVE to get this.. Otherwise your white and not bright! LAUGH but not cry. Tear...

TheXgamerLive4318d ago

Opps my fault, maybe you are an idiot.

oh, did ya hear that bell ring, your late for school or is it skewell, right?

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