XboxInsider Hands-On: Red Faction : Guerrilla Demo

With the Red Faction : Guerrilla demo hot on Xbox Live, Xbox Insider's Jason Hawkins does a hand-on and presents his findings.

XboxInsider writes: "I've never played a Red Faction game before. I've been told that they're cult-classics, and I believe that is true…but there's still just never been an opportunity for me to go pick one up and play it. So when I found out that Red Faction Guerrilla on XBL, I eagerly grabbed it to give it a play."

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ape0074096d ago

a solid game

love the red faction franchise

volition is on a roll,sr2,RF and soon SR3

respect volition,they don't get enough credit

maxcer4096d ago

i kinda liked that demo but are there time limits throughout the game? makes no sense to have a big area and things to destroy/collect but still have a time limit