PS3 Launch Weekend - Outsold By 360?

The free-TV, rather subdued, European launch of the PlayStation 3 is done, and the sales figures for the first (and crucially important) weekend are being calculated. Speaking to SPOnG today, a Sony spokesman would not even hazard an opinion with regard to the weekend's sales figures, stating that the company is awaiting figures from Chart-Track.

Nor are any of the major retailers prepared to comment, on the record, anything but bland PR-driven statements.

Under terms of strict anonymity, however, SPOnG was told by they contact at one branch of a major retail outlet, that on both Saturday and Sunday it sold more 360s than it did PS3s. Is that a bad sign? Yes. This soon after launch it would be just about acceptable for the masses of expensive, late PS3 stocks to be moving slowly. However, for the 360 to outsell it at launch weekend should come as a shock to Sony.

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SuperSaiyan45157d ago

You have a games console called the Xbox 360? Its superior GPU, affordability and combination of an online service that its intergrated into ALL Xbox 360 games with a unified friends list and a friends list that stays the same no matter what games you play also an online service that is GLOBAL rather than regional says it all.

Games on the 360 look and play better thanks to the better visual capabilities of the GPU along with the better pad with rumble that is the 360 - overall the 360 wins easily across the board.

Killer Cop5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

The only good thing with Xbox 360 is the GPU is SLIGHTLY, and only SLIGHTLY better. But who cares when they can use Cell for rendering too? And by the way, who said that RSX is the less powerfull?

And that friends list... For how long do you think it will take Sony to add that to their gaming machine? We're talking next firmware update or something like it.

Go play your stupid Xbox and leave us alone.

THWIP5157d ago

Sony CAN'T have a unified friend's list, because they don't have a structured online format for all their games, like LIVE. MS mandates that any title created for their platforms, utilize the LIVE tools, at LEAST for online status/friend's list. Sony doesn't even HAVE a standardized online toolset, which is why so many devs have dropped online play for PS3 versions of multiplatform games.

GaMr-5157d ago

For every 1 of these fud articles their is 5 "PS3 is selling Great" articles . I love how the PS3 article will be based on an entire countries point of view. And the "PS3 isnt selling" ones are based on "1 retailer branch" at most. lol...

whoever promotes these articles need to stop. And the answer is no Sony should not be worried about 1 retailer branch. I bet no one bothered to ask if they had more Xbox360's than PS3's in stock and I bet they did. lol

This is getting to be silly and ridiculous. I refuse to acknowledge these articles anymore. They are running out of steam. Now its down to 1 retailer branch. Next it will be "some kid on the street told us no one is buying PS3's...Sony should be worried"...lmao

LAME !!!!

FeralPhoenix5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

yeah, I think they need to wait for solid figures before they pass judgement on how good or bad the launch the same time I don't know if your description of most of the early stories is correct because from what I have read most of the positive stories for the PS3 sales aren't really like "OMG PS3 is selling fast", most of them are just saying stuff like "Sony is pleased with launch sales" or "___ retailer says PS3 sales are in line with expectations", even the 20,000 Australian sales for the last 3 days I'm guessing its pretty good, but some comparison's would have helped.....I don't think its "FUD" its news, if you read it GaMr, it actually does talk about the stock of all 3 consoles:

"More specifically, it received 98 PS3s prior to launch and has sold 57 of them. This compares to “about 70” 360s received from Microsoft on launch (all of which were soaked up by pre-orders), and 33 Wiis - not even enough to fill the pre-orders."

-but its just too early to be taken seriously, and I agree 1 retailer doesn't mean much....its the sum that counts, and really if you enjoy playing your PS3 then thats what really matters.

Killer Cop5157d ago

Is the very thruth GaMR. Not really much to say more...

JasonPC360PS3Wii5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

Why because this paints a negative light for the PS3. “I refuse to accept negative news about the PS3 nananana bobobobobo I’m not listening nononono it’s not true. “For every 1 of these fud articles their is 5 "PS3 is selling Great” <---Prove this is 1 to 5 because all most of the news I ever see is dusty PS3s on shelves. Just as allways GaMr your a freaking lier.

You allready been "pwned" everytime by me and I warned you about accusing me of taking your bubbles. Now I will take them.

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GaMr-5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

Im not going to pwn you here in this thread. Its pointless as are you. a meaningless waste of my time and bubbles (what few i have left thanks to fanboys like yourself)... sooo... I will just tell you to search through the past news and see how many "PS3 is selling good articles have came in before running your fanboyish mouth... We all know you have an angenda... and if you werent such a lame fanboy... you would see that im not bashing on this particular article but articles of this genre...wich would be

Unofficial sales articles... yes.. they are not NPD approved. They are not official sales charts. wether they be positive or negative PS3 sales. They are not official. They are just bogus spectulation bullshyt... like most of the poiints you make on this website. So please... dont spin my comments Fanboy.... and get a life... Everytime I turn around you got "GaMr" in your mouth... funny thing is... your not even a Gamer... your a forum troll fanboy...

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swordmasterphoen5157d ago

This is just useless. All this contradictory articles, one minute you see: "PS3 is selling great!" and the other "PS3 is not selling at all!, entire shipments have been left untouched!"...let's just wait for the OFFICIAL figures.

As for the first poster, man you really are close minded huh?. I mean I don't deny the 360 is powerful and has good games (after more than 1 FULL year out, that is...) but you cannot say that the PS3 is not good machine, or that the games LOOK better on the 360 -> Oblivion, for instance, LOOKS better on the PS3.

And I'm glad you like the rumble (which is heading to the PS3, by the way)...but I think that's just the most useless feature to ever be implemented on videogames...oh well, each person has their own point of view.

deepio5157d ago

What is it with everyone banging on about Oblivion looking better on the PS3! The developers had another year to get the PS3 version looking the way it does. Had the developers spent another year on the 360 version, it'd be a vast improvement, in fact it'd probably look exactly the same as the PS3 version!

Balance5157d ago

i agree with out about this being useless, we are being bombarded by one article after another each saying the other is wrong (not selling vs sold out).

however you can't compare games like oblivion because it came out nearly a year later on the ps3 which gave the devs more time to spruce it up. if you really want to compare visuals do it with games that have spent roughly the same amount of time in development. in oblivion's case how could it not be better on the ps3 since the devs took all that they learned from the the 360 version and the release there after and took that knowledge to tweek and make a better ps3 version.

Marty83705157d ago

Hardly a respected source for reliable news. Too early to say if the PS3 has sold out yet. There are Know doubts that PS3 is selling. I'll wait for official sales numbers before judging it.

swordmasterphoen5157d ago

Okey, let's not compare Oblivion then. Let's just compare multiplatform games available at both consoles: As far as I know, both consoles prove to show almost the same graphics. So either way, the games do not look "better" on the 360 either. I wanted to prove that just because the 360 has 1 game that outdoes any other on graphics (Gears of War), you cannot say the "games" look better on one console than the other. The PS3 can, and probably will; show graphics on par and even better than those of Lost Planet and Gears of War.

That was my point, as I said; I think the 360 is a good console, but I can't stand people being so close minded that they don't recognize that the PS3 is a good machine too.

OldSchoolGamer5157d ago

You will see games coming out for both machines that blow Gears of War away in the next year, or two. Mass Effect is supposed to be one for the 360 as I'm sure Ninja Gaiden 2 will, and of course I wouldn't ever discount the Bungie Team, on the xbox side of things. As for the PS3 you know MGS4, The Final Fantasy team, and some of those developers working on those 3 new IP's for PS3 will top Gears as well. Of course, how far they raise the bar for Gears 2 should be interesting as you know a hit that big is going to have a sequal.

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