Square: "Currently no new FFVII games anymore" So no FFVII remake? writes: In recent years, Square-Enix games made new games (and a movie) in the Final Fantasy VII universe to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of this widely acclaimed RPG. We received game like the terrible Dirge of Cerberus and the great Crisis Core: FFVII for PSP. Soon we also get the extended version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on Blu-Ray. But what about the FFVII remake?

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Omega43462d ago

They will make it in due time, the compilation doesnt finish till sometime in 2010 and they will want to finish it with something special

Montrealien3462d ago

Square will not talk about a FFVII remake until 13 is pressed and selling.

Zohan says : "Believe me this"

Trebius3462d ago

Dirge of Cerberus terrible?!?! That's an overstatement if i've ever heard one...

STK0263462d ago

of course they will eventually remake it. In the past years, they have released FF 1 and 2, on GBA and on PSP, they have remade III and IV, re-released Tactics for PSP aswell as a new Tactics Advance for the DS which pretty much felt like the original Tactics advance. They are most likely working on a V or VI remake for the DS right now. The Final Fantasy brand sells, and while you can only make a new FF games once every few years, remakes can be made quite easily and don't require you to have one of your "a-team" working on it.

They'll eventually get to VII, then VIII etc.

reonkaze3462d ago

if you look at all the current projects the staff member are working on, its not possible to work on any ff7 projects. kitase is working on ff13, and possibly another project afterwords probably 14. Nomura also has his hands tied he is working on 2 kingdom hearts, ffv13, one spirit goal. If the ff7 project is to be started on both men has to be free from the projects, and it probably won't be until 2012-13. There is also kingdom heart 3 to consider. Square has other teams as well but honestly do you want saga frontier developer or any other team for that matter to touch this classic, i say hell no.

meepmoopmeep3461d ago

i hate the wording.

"currently" "new"

it will be remade, re-released or expanded.
too much money to make off it to say no to.


iamtehpwn3461d ago


jadenkorri3461d ago

if they remake the game with the same style, just updated graphics, people will complain nothing has changed, might as well play the ps1 remaking the battle system, doing things they couldn't/didn't do originally, adding more CGI, more content, deeper characterization, new characters added story/side missions...etc etc could essentially ruin the game and its legacy. Yes, we all want a remake, and in our minds we all have a certain expectation, FF7 is already on the top pedestal of RPGs... With that in mind, the devs have to exceed that level of expectation to please the audience, otherwise we will be disappointed, and with us disappointed at FF7 remake, which in turn may ruin its legacy....

codylz283461d ago

Right before Advent Children Complete was released, the old school FF7 was on sell in the Japan PSN Store. More than likely, it will be on the U.S. PSN Store (No confirmation on that yet though) and would, in my opinion, boost sales of the U.S. version of Advent Children Complete when it is released.
So, if the old school one is released,and you think that remaking the original with new graphics, extras, etc... would ruin what FFVII is/was, then get the old school one. Problem solved in that department. However, I would love to see it with these next-gen graphics and if it is done, then those that want a remake will buy it and either like it, love it, or hate it. If they hate it then hey, there's always the option of buying the original.
Also, if these were to happen, SE would profit off it like no other. Plus, the secret ending of Dirge of Cerberus means that there is more left in the FFVII universe after ALL the events you've seen so far. All in all, it's a win for everybody. You don't want a remake, get/keep the original. Win. If you do and it becomes confirmed, then you'll be a happy camper. Win. If it doesn't live to the hype, go back to the original, semi-win. If it lives to the hype and then some, another win. Meanwhile, SE's profiting during all this will be a win for them also.

cayal3461d ago

Since Square Enix are in Microsoft's pocket they probably have no plans because they can't release it on the 360.

Sarick3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

They'll be probably be adding more to the story. You can do this without editing the basic combat engine or plot line.

Add more past memories events, then perhaps extending the ending to accommodate the advent children story.

Meaning after the ending the game continues with Red running across the fields from Midhgar as it moves into advent children story. In the original game this is where it ended.

FlameBaitGod3461d ago

They wont do it if they don't want to get rich

SL1M DADDY3461d ago

And in other news, Squenix passes up opportunity to print money and produce one of the potential best selling titles of their entire existence...

Next up: Poop, and the fecalphiliacs that love it.

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TOO PAWNED3462d ago

"no FF7 remake"? Thank GOD! I am tired of reading about FF7 remake BS.

Panthers3462d ago

um its not like they havent said this before. We will continue to get FFVII remake news because it will happen eventually. There is too much money to be made on it.

Kingsora3462d ago

Yeah the FFVII remake will come one day, my guess? 2012 maybe, but that even sounds too soon :D

Kingsora3462d ago

when does FF VIII celebraties his 10-year old birthday, I wouldn't say no to some awesome FF VIII spinn offs (or a remake or a movie)

SpoonyRedMage3462d ago

Well it's good to get some clarification. Square are working on so many games right now anyway it'd be wonder if they had any time to work on a new FFVII game.

lordgodalming3462d ago

You spoony bard! Bubble up for name.

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