Volkswagen Announces Partnership with to Aid in Jetta TDI Cup Driver Training and Candidate Identification

iRacing writes:

ALTON, VA (April 25, 2009) - Volkswagen of America, Inc. and its SCCA Pro Racing Jetta TDI Cup series have announced a partnership with Motorsport Simulations, LLC, that will allow the racing series to utilize iRacing's online racing simulations to further enhance training and recruiting capabilities. The partnership will aid in current Jetta TDI Cup driver training and identify driver candidates for future seasons.'s internet racing service includes the most accurate racing simulator available, and its usefulness transcends entertainment, providing a tool for the development of real-world racing skills. The software allows racers to compete against each other online in real time, driving high-fidelity digital versions of real-world racecars on millimeter-accurate virtual versions of real-world race tracks.

In September, the Jetta TDI Cup series car will join the list of racecars offered on, and iRacing will launch an online version of the series, which will be the primary gateway for eligible young drivers to earn their way into future seasons of the on-track series and start their careers as professional drivers. Further information regarding the online series schedule will be released in the coming months.

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