Ulduar can't save World of Warcraft's end-game

Not too long ago, World of Warcraft players celebrated the release of the Ulduar 3.1 patch. As every gaming website on the planet reported, it's a massive patch that adds in a ridiculous amount of new content. So what's the problem? Nothing if you're a die-hard WoW enthusiast. But for the other three of us out there, it's still the same game with a deceitful sheen that covers the flawed end-game.

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TheRealSpy023464d ago

you just copied the title and said right. did you even read the article?

Xwow20083464d ago

i just wanted 2 put a comment :PP

Reibooi3464d ago

WoW's endgame is broken simple as that. You take a extremely long amount of time and effort to acquire a great and powerful set of gear and as soon as you obtain it they implement something better making what you just did pointless and they have done this countless times. It's a slap in the face to your fans to do that.

I will give you a example. I played Final Fantasy XI very hardcore for about 4 years. During that for years I got the best Gear in the game for Samurai and Monk. Now 3-4 years later that same gear I got then is still the best now. Sure plenty of new things have been added but they are more along the lines of choices alternatives as opposed to something better. The reason this works is because you bust your ass to obtain the gear and once you get it you have accomplished something and you feel as if you have done so. However thanks to how Blizzard runs WoW that feeling is not there making the End Game fundamentally broken.

infestedandy3464d ago

I too played FFXI for a while but found it to be way too hardcore for me. I find it awesome that you can gain gear and not feel insignificant practically as soon as you obtain the best things. Hopefully, the next WoW game doesn't borrow so much from the Diablo-esque gear runs.

Canidae3464d ago

You do not lie dude, and it's one of the main reasons I left WoW after playing for about 2 years. It's annoying at best when all your effort goes down the tubes after working for weeks/months to get a piece of gear. I loved my time in Final Fantasy as well, and played that game for about 3 years. I just wish they would fix the pigeonholing/balancing issues with magic classes (usually into healer), and the lack of any ability to solo. Though I suspect Rapture will address all the issues in FFXI, and improve upon that games mechanics.

Sprudling3464d ago

You can't complete Ulduar without Naxxramas gear. And you can't complete Ulduar hardmode without Ulduar easymode gear. This is how progression works in WoW. It works like intended, so there is nothing broken about it.

The fun in the WoW endgame is not about having gear, it's about playing the boss encounters, which are far more intricate and interesting than in any other MMORPG out there.

If your idea of fun is just equipping good gear, then WoW is not a game for you.

TheRealSpy023464d ago

sprud, i'm full 7.5 and i think most of the 8.0 is a side grade.

Reibooi3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )


Funny you should say that as all my friends who play WoW don't care at all about playing the bosses the only reason they do is for the gear. In fact the vast majority of players care nothing about fighting a new boss they care only about obtaining the best gear and showing it off which is largely impossible in WoW thanks to how Blizzard runs the game.

As far as WoW end game bosses being more interesting I beg to differ. The vast majority of WoW end games bosses are nothing but a cheap big bosses surrounded by a million and a half adds. I hate to say it but throwing adds at the players doesn't make things fun or creative in the least.

FFXI still has bosses that have not been defeated and it's not for lack of trying as people have continuously tried to kill them and have been unsuccessful. That's because Square thinks of creative ways to have to fight and survive that are not adds adds adds. In fact almost every boss in FFXI has no adds. It's only a single giant boss that is very difficult to defeat.

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DirtyLary3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

People will get smart and realize there is life off this game.

I know you've invested countless days of your life to it, but you can let go.

How many years are you gonna obsess over the carrots Blizzard dangles in your face. You spend more hours on the game than you do school, your job and your social life chasing your lootz. You finally get those lootz after months of repetitive game play. Just when you get your gear they release a new patch and add all new carrots for you to chase and obsess over. Rinse repeat.

Stop and look at your life from the outside in. Kinda pathetic isn't it.

It's not to late.

Hope this reaches someone.


You just spit on the face of 90% of the MMO's out there...and I agree...I rarely play mmos like that but to me I would rather just play Monster Hunter

Myst3464d ago

This is why we need Frontier over here, it may make many of the MMOs change their tune, keyword may. Though I agree I'd really like to have that and I would gladly quite FFXI for that.

jamboza3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

YAWN....well WOW WAS somewhat fun, would like to play it again but dont plan to, reason for quieting is cause of crappy computer and no time, but even though i did not get to do much end game runs it was ight see people getting into arguments over what not and working with others to take a boss down (wow free for 2 1/2 years now haha)..................going to wait for the star wars MMO and test the waters on that 1 even though it might not be too big of a diff compared to other MMO's out there, but whatever