Resident Evil Wii:Resident Evil Archives Preview

Promo video, screens, and box art for the Nintendo Wii port of Resident Evil; Resident Evil:Archives(Biohazard Wii).

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madkrazygames4091d ago

Capcom is a lazy company, how many times can you sell the same game?

fossilfern4091d ago

suppose your right but it is a port of the one of the best remakes of RE1 why dont capcom just make RE horror like it originally was :(

DominusRebellis4090d ago

^^^ exacly! RE1 is the definition of RE

Myst4090d ago

This is pretty interesting look and being that I never got a chance to play RE1 I will probably pick this up. From what I hear RE1 was the best out of the series so I figure I might as well try it.

Stu19814090d ago

Thing is, Capcom are a company, who want to make money. The sooner people deal with that the better.

Both games are now difficult to find in the sort of condition that many people would want them. Since they were released both RE4 and RE5 have sold about 10 million units between them, thus, the fanbase has exploded.

Take that into account, and remember the Wii has sold a hundred billion consoles (or close enough) and there'll be a lot of people buying these lazy ports. It makes sense on Capcom's part.