NextGN: Red Faction: Guerilla Demo - First Impressions

NextGN writes: "I downloaded the Red Faction: Guerilla demo via the PlayStation Store over the weekend. I didn't even know Red Faction: Guerilla existed until a couple of weeks ago, when I searched the web for new games to buy and I'm glad I did as it looks like it's going to be a brilliant game."

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GameGambits3462d ago

There isn't that much to look forward to this summer, but this is one of the games that I'm sure will have people talking. I expect good sales for this game if the reviews support it with 8+ standings.

Based off the demo it's going to be a fun single player, and if the MP is fun well then day one buy for me. After I read some reviews I'll either buy it or rent it, because if the MP is whack then I'll buy inFAMOUS which releases just about the same time. ;)