T-Mobile Nokia E71 Spotted at Best Buy Mobile

Bol from DiTechite Writes: "Today, I was at the Staten Island Mall. While looking around in the Best Buy Mobile store, I spotted a Nokia E71 for T-Mobile and an unlocked version also. The T-Mobile one goes for $199.99 with a contract while the unlocked one goes for over $450.

In terms of the phone, it felt great in hand but I felt the keys were too small to type with. I am am also not a fan of the Symbian OS either. I would buy it if it was $100 cheaper."

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MGOelite3515d ago

i got this on contract 3 days ago.

the phone
unlimited texts
unlimited internet acess though 3G
300 mins

all for £20 a month, for 18 months

MGRogue20173515d ago

Wow, Gaming news is really slow today..



ExcelKnight3515d ago

You were expecting something else on a Sunday?


i suppose not...

i have an idea, i could write an article on my blog about why the ps3 is selling so bad. i could just title it " ps3 doomed "...

or i could write about why the 360 hardware is still failing and it must be doomed because it has no games coming out this year. " RROD finally kicks the bucket with not a single exclusive in sight "..

think i will get a bit of trafic ? lol, i am just joking

uie4rhig3515d ago

the E71 been out for ages.. i have one in my hand.. unlocked with a Blyk sim card .. this article is well random lol