Computer Games: Empire: Total War Review

CG: "In the end, what we have here is probably the best Total War in terms of concept, but with a launch shadowed by a multitude of technical issues and the fact that it didn't have a multiplayer campaign. When it comes to volume, the game is gargantuan and capable of keeping someone hooked for years in endless battles, be they single or multiplayer.

And as we know Creative Assembly, in two months we'll probably have the best Total War game and one of the best tactics and strategy games ever produced."


+ Unit diversity
+ Naval battles
+ Graphics and sound
+ Intuitive interface
+ The historical details


- Technical problems
- AI inconsistentcy and the pathfinding
- Multiplayer still lacking

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Agent VX3462d ago

For anybody with a fairly decent spec'd PC, this is a must have game. This is the best game released in a while.

Empire Total War should easily get Game of the Year. I don't see anything now or in the future that touches this game this year.

With reports of a new patch soon with over 70 fixes, most of which I have never seen, this game is finally getting "finished" in which it should of have been released. Still some bothersome pathfinding issues.

Hububla3462d ago

While i mostly agree with ur comment... (even though that disgusts me considering the huge fanboy you are..) it is great.. and huge.. it just seams like there isnt that much strategy in the battles.. you know what i mean... most of them are just line up ur infantry, put some artillery either behind or on the side... and shoot till the other guy or uself is dead.. its still great and all.. but i found the battles in medeival funner i guess.. i think Dawn of War 2 deserves GOTY for its insane multiplayer and multiple strategies

ChampIDC3462d ago

The common theme between reviews seems to be that all the problems are ones that can be patched. I really have to pick this up sometime.