360 Gamers are moving to Playstation 3 writes:

"It is not an uncommon practice to scour the web, searching for news about your favorite upcoming games or a forum to discuss your favorite system. Within the first 15 seconds of that search, you are bound to come across hordes of fanboyish articles stating that one console is better than the other. While neither side is innocent, there are many more Xbox love/Playstation hate articles than any other, probably due to the system being around for an extra year.

What you may not know, or may not wish to admit, is that more and more Xbox 360, true fanboys, are making there way to the Playstation 3. There are several questions I am sure you are wanting answered here, but lets focus on the general...What gives?"

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lord_of_balrogs4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

And tomorrows headline: "PS3 gamers are moving to the Xbox 360." Look ma I can make ridiculous statements too.

Chicken Chaser4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

yeah, Its stupid

I can go and say that ps2 gamers are moving to 360 or Wii instead of ps3

How would i know that? I just can't

Game13a13y4087d ago

as far as most non fanboys can see, PS 3 is a upward machine to the 360. and why would anyone already own something that is superior want to go back to something less.

its like you own a ferrari but now you are going back to a toyota dealer to buy a camry.

Persistantthug4087d ago

Sometimes you just wanna putt around town.

All-34087d ago


European interactive entertainment boss Chris Lewis told MCV: “We don’t fixate on the competition, but it’s a very important bellwether of our success. In the UK, we’ve sold more than double PS3’s volume since the price drop in September.

“I would call out our success in the Mediterranean countries in the last few weeks as a genuine step change from where we’ve been. The investment we’ve made in the right campaigns, the right price point and content that truly appeals to those markets. In Italy, we were double PS3’s sales last week. In France and Germany we are at or better than PS3 consistently now. We dominate in Russia and the Nordic countries and in Spain – a traditional Sony stronghold – we’re now outselling PS3. It bodes incredibly well for our Christmas prospects."


Xbox 360 Reaches 8 Million In Europe

Microsoft says that Xbox 360's 2008 Christmas sales doubled in Europe over the same period in 2007, marking the console's most successful season yet in the region.

According to the company, this brings Xbox 360's userbase to eight million in the EMEA territories (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), and gives the console a one million-unit lead over the PlayStation 3 there.

"Christmas 2008 was a resounding success for Xbox 360," says Chris Lewis, EMEA regional VP for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business. "2008 saw us grow faster than any of our competitors and we over-achieved in sales during the crucial Christmas selling period."

Cenobia4087d ago

There is a lot of "Microsoft says" and "last week" in some of those quotes. MS also likes to focus on certain countries rather than continents or the world as a whole.

I'm just saying you shouldn't take too much stock in what anyone says about sales. Each company is going to put their own PR bullsh!t spin on it. I just don't see why anyone should care. If you aren't an investor than you don't benefit at all.

As long as the games keep coming you shouldn't care how many more consoles MS or Sony have sold. The first sign of "company X sold more than company y" just makes me think fanboy author/site or someone who stands to gain something (like a MS or Sony Rep). It shouldn't mean anything.

FlameBaitGod4087d ago

If you believe what M$ says you really are blind LOL, they where the ones that said vista was a lot better and faster than XP, there would be no more RROD, had 25mil consoles sold when they had 23. They r just sad

player9114086d ago

Look this is simple.

We are gamers. In a world without money, we'd own every game and every console... right?

So what happens when people are held back by money? They can't buy every console all the time. Since 360 was out a year before the PS3... they bought that. Lots of people jumped at the chance to play the next gen console.

Now that lots of people own a 360 and it's been a while... they start racking up more money and buy another console. I'm sure there are LOTS of people buying new consoles. Not because hey disown their 360... but because they are gamers. Thats what we do. We want to be able to buy a game and have the console waiting at home to play it on.

So this article is stupid. People aren't "moving" anywhere. They're just collecting consoles because thats what being a gamer means. Even back in the day I had a N64, PS1, SNES, Sega Saturn, and a Gameboy. And I played all of them. There wasn't no fanboy crap. Just means your a gamer.

Right now I own a 360 and a Wii... and a DS because I can't play the 360 or Wii because my wife hogs the stupid TV. I'd buy a PS3 too but there aren't that many PS3 games that I want to justify buying ANOTHER console right now. But thats my situation. Many gamers might choose to buy a 360 and PS3. If I had better access to my TV I might own a PS3 too.

So while it's true that 360 owners are ALSO buying PS3's... it doesn't mean they're throwing away their 360s.

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jmare4087d ago

Yeah, this isn't going to end well.

I did not murder him4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

It should end well, People know Sony is doing worse every year and being outsold and makes this nothing more than desperation and very entertaining. I'm sure some people are buying PS3 for Blu-ray now that they know for sure Microsoft is not pursuing Blu-ray for movies. PS3 game sales sort of back this up assuming 360 fans are buying PS3 as an second console in any large numbers.

cayal4087d ago

"People know Sony is doing worse every year and being outsold and makes this nothing more than desperation and very entertaining."

Explain why the PS3 has a better yearly sales rate? Or reached 20 million quicker?

morganfell4087d ago

Sure they are. That is why according to Microsoft Sony has been laying down the law in Europe. Worldwide really once you add the figures.

You do know that by adding last months Japan and US figures the 360 was only 29 thousand units ahead?

That is before Europe.

And according to Microsoft's own words the PS3 is outselling them in that territory. After all, when the PS3 launched Microsoft's figures show roughly 3.11 million consoles in Europe.

Now Microsoft says they are 750k ahead. That means in order to cut that lead down to 750k the PS3 was outselling the 360 at about 90,000 consoles a month in the largest territory.

I did not murder him4087d ago

Better PS3 yearly sales is not true. I would think PS3 sold more because Sony was *forced* to drop the price of the PS3 3 or 4 times in little over a year with real price drops and SKU swapping. I guess Sony figured the PS3 would gain some ground or even run right past the 360 with their 120 million PS2 fans at the time.

morganfell4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

No you are wrong and the official figures show it. Year over year Worldwide the PS3 has had a better sales record. Microsoft has shipped over 10 million consoles in a year but they have yet to sell that many. Sony has don this though.

Past sales do not paint a good picture for MS:

Ha ha at the disagrees. I guess now you are saying Microsoft isn't being honest. Or is it just anger over something you despise - common sense?

I did not murder him4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

lol I'v seen your versions of stats and number already.

"Sony has done this though"

Sure because Sony reports numbers based on receipt sent to them, they do not report shipped ;)

morganfell4087d ago

Wrong again. No surprise there. They are not my numbers. They are Microsoft's numbers and they are NPD numbers (which people such as yourself crow about) and they are Media Create Numbers. You just do not like them because proper assembly of such numbers paints a poor picture of the 360. Facts are stubborn things though and they will persist regardless of how you feel about them.

I did not murder him4087d ago

I'm in charge of collecting the receipts for Sony where I send them to Sony and my Girl counts them she also works for Sony ;)

jmare4087d ago

It's funny how the 360 fanboys disagree with me, not because of what I wrote but because it's me. Fanboys are so fvcking retarded.

morganfell4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I expected that type of remark from Why did not murder him. It's like the amateur performer attempting to juggle too many balls and he drops them all over the stage. The audience grows quiet and embarrassed, he tips his hat and starts to dance sideways so he can exit the stage.

Getting walloped by sheer fact and having no recourse but to take it in the face, it is normal for a person such as yourself to try and deflect their obvious errors with (poor) humor.

iHEARTboobs4087d ago

lol, I don't know why you deal with him. He's like the pesky rodent that never will go away so just try to ignore it. But his song and dance routine can be very entertaining. haha

I did not murder him4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Yeah great idea thats what I'm doing with you two, you guys just don't go away, 360 only news or not.
There is no getting away from your relentless forced and reckless news and comments you guys post. Telling one of the biggest trolls on this site to ignore me is not offensive by the way.

Where are you when PS3 fans hunt 360 news? hmmm I missed the part where you gave others the same advice when morganfell runs rampant in every 360 news post he can find like most the PS3 fans in here. Go figure.

Just admit PS3 is losing ground the gap is getting bigger and leave it at that. You don't need to post spam on this site so you guys can comfort yourselves.

This post is for PS3 fanboys from a biased PS3 site its fiction at best. N4G is a PS3 site more doesn't mean right.

There is something strange how *GWAVE* and *morganfell* troll in the same way always looking for ways to bash the 360 or make the PS3 look good in the same way in every room. *iHEARTboobs* has the same history as *GWAVE* and *morganfell* so what if he just got the 360 or is using some other person's gamer tag he has the same habits. Very fishy

morganfell4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Ha ha, you are right. People like him will never learn even while you make them dance. Instead he'll just create another account. What he thinks matters little in the end. The facts are the facts and they'll steam roll him like a pop top. Even as he talks about 360 news as if we are invading (at least I own a 360) he visits one PS3 story after another to cause trouble. Besides, last time I looked this story dealt with 2 consoles.

I live in the US but I travel abroad and know there is more to the console world than US NPD. Of course that is all he has had on which to hang his hat and anyone threatening that house of cards is going to shriek at any sign of a breeze.

I guess when E3 arrives he is going to lock himself in a concrete bunker because he isn't going to like the news. I know one story in particular that is going to send shockwaves through the 360 community.

iHEARTboobs4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

"Where are you when PS3 fans hunt 360 news? hmmm I missed the part where you gave others the same advice when morganfell runs rampant in every 360 news post he can find like most the PS3 fans in here. Go figure."

Sorry, I don't have my cape yet so I can't be the N4G hero you want me to be just yet. But i'll give you the same advice I gave him. Just ignore him if you feel he's trolling.

"*iHEARTboobs* has the same history as *GWAVE* and *morganfell* so what if he just got the 360 or is using some other person's gamer tag he has the same habits. Very fishy"

lol, are you serious? That's hilarious. Yeah, that's what i'm doing, i'm using some other guys gamer tag. I'm doing it just to spite you. Now dance monkey, dance.

@Morganfell - I have a 360 too so I'm looking forward to E3 for both systems. And their biggest announcement better not be a multi-plat.

morganfell4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

The 360's biggest announcement for this year is already known, which is a look at the revamped Splinter Cell - which won't be here until next year.

They are going to push multiplatform titles and discuss Mass Effect... which is heading to the PS3 anyway. Their biggest announcement for next year is to drop hints about HALO4.

They'll be discussing a multiplatform title no one knows about yet that actually won't make it out this year. It is launching on the PS3 and 360 (no PC version) It is a title that will complement another title in the same series that everyone has already heard about. This second one is a secret he he. Well, it's the second one but it's actually the first one time line wise. I just saw some of it last week. It is very early in the dev cycle.

Everyone will get a chance to see Rogue Warrior which has the best swimming in any game ever. I was on an eval for Bethesda as they were asking what needed to be adjusted as regards levels and mechanics.

Both Sony and MS will mention this title along with Ghost Recon 3 - Not GRAW3. At least that is the current plan - not to use the GRAW tag name and go back to a grittier more realistic Ghost Recon.

The problem is a studio not far from me is going to drop a bombshell at E3 and Why Dis is going to pull his hair out.

EDIT: He just PM'ed me to finish his tantrum. tsk tsk.

Arnon4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Just wondering... but going by your logic, wouldn't that imply that the PS3 is NOT catching up, due to the fact that it is NOT outselling the 360, which would have us come to the conclusion that it is NOT gaining ground over the 360?

"You do know that by adding last months Japan and US figures the 360 was only 29 thousand units ahead?"

It's still ahead by this statement. And US figures obviously do matter if the 360 is STILL outselling it in Japan & US combined, where the 360 is a failbox in Japan.

Lets see what you've been wrong on in the past few months...

Gears of War 2 (PS3) GDC announcement - Wrong.
Gears of War 3 (PS3) GDC announcement - Wrong.
Killzone 2 Extreme sales boost - Wrong.
Mass Effect 2 being announced for Playstation 3 - Wrong.
The Playstation 3 doing better than the 360 in the 3 big regions - Wrong.

I think we should honestly take your word with a grain of salt at this point. I don't doubt that any of these could happen.. but right now, you're not helping it.

UltraNova4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I expect two major nukes at tis years E3...One, mass effect 2 same day release for both the 360 and ps3 and in a lesser extent Mgs4 for the 360.

The second dlc from rockstar will be revealed and MS knows hyping so expect them to make it look like the second coming.

Other than that I agree with your line up there. Splinter cell seems the only game ms has to show. But you never know, I feel they have an ace up their sleeve this time, and by that I dont mean a stolen ps exclusive.

On sony's front I would expect some gow, uncharted, heavy rain and ratchet and clank gameplay and a couple more exclusives been announced.. As for the much ( very much ! ) rumored price cut..well its anybody's guess, it should be interesting though to see what happens after it...

king dong24087d ago

you know one story thats gonna send shock waves through the 360 dont tel me,they're finally gonna announce gears like you claimed they

FlameBaitGod4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Guys y do you bother talking to I did not murder him, that guy is whythis bro, they both are 360 fan boy legends, their lvl of blindness is unmeasurable. For every 1 else just look at NPD data for the first 2 years of the consoles, that should tell you whos selling faster, since you don't believe the words of people saying that the PS3 isn't selling faster than the 360, look up NPD for your selfs ^_^

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onijutsu4087d ago

where is my Michael Jackson popcorn gif...

onijutsu4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

damn it didn't work properly for some reason

ManGastaS4087d ago

Can someone post here lastNPD numbers?

that would finish any flame

Unicron4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Can't gamers just be gamers?

Not everyone is fanboy affiliated with one particular console. Maybe some of these "360 owners" were just gamers that could not afford the system or saw no games that interested THEM.

Though I do agree as a generality, the PS3 gets a LOT of unwarranted hate. It's amazing.

Aw, disagree fairy pansies don't wanna man up and have a conversation? Typical.

mastiffchild4087d ago

How can you say that Uni? You know damn well that gamers are no longer what anyones about! Ninty cares for casuals and those who don't like games while Sony and MS battle it out for the hearts and minds of console fanboys-who never get the reality that Sony are/have been arrogant or that the reliabilty issues surrounding(still) the 360 shows that they deserve nobodies suport unconditionally either.

Why/how/when games suddenly stopped mattering is not even a matter for debate.

madkrazygames4087d ago

True, people tend hate what they can't afford. To be honest I hated the iphone until I got one.

ultimolu4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

On your mark...get set...RUSH TO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS!

I'm This is way too amusing for me.

True story: My supervisor has a 360 but wants a PS3. I asked him if I should consider a 360 to accompany my PS3. He told me to stick with the PS3.

360 fanboys don't want to face the truth. Some 360 owners are migrating.

I also read the article and it's not sh*tty at all. It has some really interesting points. People ought to read it instead of going by the title. Yes, the title could be changed because it makes the article sound like flamebait but it's a good article.