Computer Games: Braid Review

CG: "Furthermore, if someone's not smart enough to put the relatively short duration in the context of an amazing experience, I seriously doubt that that someone could finish the game in under 30 hours. Which is a paradox in itself, considering that the stated problem itself disappears.

And now, if you can, rewind time and, instead of reading this review, go buy Braid without any second thoughts. Every minute will be better spent experiencing it firsthand."


+ Watercolor graphics
+ A deep story filled with symbolism
+ The sometimes absolutely brilliant puzzles


- Length

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Mindboggle4090d ago

Im getting this on steam later, as it seems like its not coming to PS3 anytime soon...

Sackdude4090d ago

I got this game for my PC, its great game, but dose not deserve a 9 or above.

i give it a 7.5/10.