Major Nelson: "Our customers deserve better"

Microsoft's Xbox Live guru Major Nelson has apologised to Xbox 360 owners after a security researcher uncovered failings in the company's customer support line.

The researcher, Kevin Finisterre, had discovered that users accounts had been compromised as a result of 'pre-texting,' a technique in social engineering whereby someone can fool a business into disclosing customer information by masquerading as said customer and answering a number of simple questions.

Having found the answers from publicly-available information sources, the individual is then able to glean credit cards details if successful.

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Says you4756d ago

And what makes you think that your not going to lie again if customers deserves better may be you should stop having breaking down XBox 360 that only last for a few days or months than it dies on the customer and expect them to just for get about it.

Columbo4756d ago

They never lied about live being hacked, because the hardware and service wasn't hacked. Read the article or listen to Major Nelson's podcast. What happened was people using social engineering to reset people's passwords, etc...

Learn to use some punctuation in your posts. It's really hard to understand what you are saying.

zantetsuken4756d ago

With trying to play it off, they admitted to "security compromise", how on earth can you possibly attempt to play this off like nothing happened, lol.

nix4756d ago

major nelson, please tell us that "we [email protected] up on the hardware" too... then only i'll forgive you! q:

if you keep coming out with truths, i am sure they will one day make you commander-in-chief! q:

Ps3Fanboy7774756d ago

Whatever, I thought this was fake, thats what your company said the other day.

Obviously you tried to cover it up and failed.. Then lied about it. Now trying to be honest?


calderra4756d ago


Just like the rest of the entire computer industry, pre-texting (and social engineering) are (and have always been) massive problems that EVERYONE has to deal with.

BIadestarX4756d ago

You stupid Sony fanboys don't know how to read? Do you even know the definition of hacking? What part of "uncovered failings in the company’s customer support line" you didn't understand?
How about "result of 'pre-texting,' a technique in social engineering whereby someone can fool a business into disclosing customer information" isn't that clear enough for your limited reading comprehension abilities?
Anyways maybe I am expecting too much from you, so I will try to help you understand the situation on easier terms. Xbox live was never hacked or about to be hacked.

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The story is too old to be commented.