Hard Drive Speaker Mod is Awesome


Have some extra hard drives sitting around? If so, this just may be the project for you. It doesn't take too many tools and makes your drive into a speaker, and who wouldn't want that?

The project was shown on and is a great way to reuse a hard drive that's broken or no longer used. It's essentially done by connecting wires to the head of the drive and creating vibrations and therefore sound. I personally was intrigued enough to make one myself and I must say, the sound is decent, although somewhat distorted at times. Anyways, what are you waiting for? Go check out this unique project.

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thezuur3466d ago

this is interesting to some of us.

madmonkey03466d ago

this is just crazy, not really news but somepeople might like it.

Kakkoii3465d ago

This seems pretty dangerous to me. If the platter cracks while it's spinning, the shards are going fast enough to kill you. And being open to oxidization and other environmental factos makes this more likely of happening.

Heldrasil3465d ago

you make it sound like it's something we shouldn't be doing at :P

Mikerra173465d ago

but come on if you dont live life on the edge, your not livin

Kakkoii3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

There's a difference between living on the edge, and having a death trap sitting a few feet from you lol.

Not saying people shouldn't try things like this. But I wouldn't advise using this constantly lol. It's one of those things that you do, and then you pack it away or just have it as decoration. Maybe switching it on once in a while for friends and such.

mephixto3465d ago

Ehm... the drive is off, not spinnig they only connect two wires to the head of it

Kakkoii3465d ago

Ah.. that's ok then lol.

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EvilChicken3465d ago

Ya the drive doesn't spin

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