Mass Effect 2 - First Look Preview (PlanetXbox360)

The award winning multi-platinum sci-fi RPG Mass Effect is set to return with a highly anticipated second installment of the rumored trilogy. The sequel is set to offer even more intergalactic adventures, romantic encounters and challenges of conscience though players will have to wait to Q1 2010 to reignite their space odyssey.

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Valkyrie833488d ago

Cannot wait for this game, easily one of my most anticipated 360 titles that has been announced; hoping they move the release date up to this holiday season via E3 2009 announcement.....nice preview guys!

UltimaEnder3488d ago

That would totally rock, well said.....Bioware equals great games!

sack_boi3488d ago

2009 is another year of "Epicness". With titles like: Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, Infamous, Bayonetta Tekken 6 and so on! Wow!

MicroSony4Life3488d ago

till the release date....This is one game I can say that I am very excited for.

zoneofenders3488d ago

first one failed in so many aspects but also has great story and interesting battle system. i just cant understand what was bioware thinking when they made every side quest exactly the same. first we got this boring random meaningless driving part. then we get into a room which you have been in for countless times and kill every creature in it.

this is a game with great potential. i just wish bioware could pull it off this time.

JokesOnYou3488d ago

"players should keep their Mass Effect save files as decisions made in the first game will be carried over and will influence their characters in the sequel. This has the potential to change the face of the role playing genre and bridge the gap between the game and the player as the game continues the players story and will hopefully make each players experience different."

Hopefully it will pick up right where it left off and keep the action going. Personally this is one of the best games I have ever played in any gen.


Bnet3433488d ago

Oh my phucking .. *JIZZZZZ*

VERY NICE. Says Bio ware is taking they're time with this one, please do. Make the game longer god damn it I beg you. KOTOR long. 60 hours +.

IaMs123488d ago

I just got the first one and beat it the other night and it was amazing. I loved it. I dont see why people were complaining all that much, it didnt really have that much repetition, nothing like any other shooter would and the elevators werent that bad lol. Slow true but not bad. I guess the story line kept me going and involved.

GameGambits3488d ago

This isn't a RUMORED trilogy. Time in and time out Bioware has stated it IS a trilogy and was planned as one from the get go. ME2 is the dark part of the chapter they said. The story this time around will be much more of a dark and thick plot to open up the final chapter in ME3.

gaffyh3488d ago

@1.4 - Dunno why you got so many disagrees because what you wrote was true. Sidequests were pretty monotonous in the first game, there were a few that were good. But personally I just wish they make this game A LOT longer than last time cos it took me 25 hours (first and only playthrough) to do everything in the first game.

Still though looking forward to this game, it will be awesome.

TheExecutive3488d ago

CANNOT wait for this game. expect it to be MS's answer to God of War 3. We will probably see it in march. anyway, like i said cannot wait...

rareairtone3488d ago

All this article talked about is what is already known about the game. Maybe you didn't know about this stuff, but the things said in this article have already been announced since the first game; the only new news is that they are attempting to not use a template for designing the various planets around the universe in the game. I don't even own the first game and I know this info haha. I'd like to get the first game however because it seems too damn interesting

DevastationEve3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )'s like the excuse that MGS is short. If you rush through an epic game that's what's gonna happen.

And 25hrs to do "everything"? Not really all that possible, as anyone who's had to run around in the Mako looking for elements on friggin hard to reach mountains can tell you. Also there are subplots only accessible for each of the alignments, Paragon and Renegade. Plus there's subplots only available to each of the military backgrounds, Spacer, Colonist, and Earthborn.

25hrs would get you the main plot and that's if you run through it just for the story. I guess it's possible but then you must not have been interested in the games other points of interest.

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PepperJack3488d ago

can't wait for this one!

R2D23488d ago

This is what stars wars should have been. Thank you Mass Effect for the fun times and here is for more to come : )

green3488d ago

My best game this gen.Can't wait to see and here more about this game, hopefully we will get more at e3.

Head Shot King3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

it is Mass Effect. I think every one should experience this game.

I do not hate Microsoft but Mass Effect is an awesome game and they should share it.

cranium3488d ago

I want it too, Head Shot King, I want it too.

DevastationEve3488d ago

I won't be a fanboy here. It WOULD be awesome to see ME on PS3, just like how we x360 gamers wanted FFxiii. Or even MGS4.

Spike473488d ago

the character customization thing is one of the reasons I want it.

GiantEnemyCrab3488d ago

I can't wait for this one! Also one of my most anticipated games of 2010. As long as Bioware can fix up a few of the nagging issues they can have a true masterpiece this time around.

Valkyrie833488d ago

Yep, I think there were a few minor things that kept the first one from epic greatness (although it was still a triple A title) and if Bioware can fix those the sequel is gonna be unbelievably awesome!

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