Playstation Trophy App 'iTrophies' Now Available

Noodle Gamer Writes:

Have you ever wanted to check your Playstation Trophies when you want and where ever you are? Ever wanted to view trophies you have yet to earn and quickly link to a YouTube videos showing how to unlock them, while on the go? Well now you can with the release of 'iTrophies' for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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A7mmud4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

called trophy guide. it is useful app.

I will try this one

Iphone FTW :)

Edit : oops, it is not free {1.99$} I am gonna stick to the free one,

Mindboggle4092d ago

Seriously im not the creator but the money is worth it. It allows you to search for a trophy and find a youtube video telling you how to get it which is pretty neat...

WildArmed4092d ago

youtubin a trophy aint hard, not payin 2 bucks 4 it


I do it all the time with my PSP, since PS3 can't acess the browser while in game... It take me like 45 seconds between PSP recognizing my wireless network and youtube responding my search for the trophy video.

I think you can do it in any cellphone/PDA/handheld that can access internet.

You can also do it even easier if you use a PC, in case your PS3 and PC are near, hooked up in the same monitor or you have a laptop/notebook.

Milky4092d ago

So you can now look at your trophies with iphone but still not with the PSP. How absolutely stupid.



PSP (or any thing that access internet, like many phones or PCs) can access this feature by browser.


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cayal4092d ago

I don't have an iphone, but is this made by Apple?

SupaNoodles4092d ago

No its not its made by a third party. On the itunes store the creator is called Viru Doshi.

Mindboggle4092d ago

Its made by someone on the UK playstation forums...

cayal4092d ago

Ok, I thought it might have been some deal with Apple which would have been interesting.

I Didn't know there were third party apps.

Kinetix4092d ago

I wonder if it will come out for the Tmobile G1. Does anyone know if I can get this app off the iTouch?

Conan9974092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

you should be able to, its just you need access to wifi

Theoneneo814092d ago

Now if Sony Can make a PSN app that would be epic i see sevral 360 apps where you can maanage ur friend list etc and would love to see some ps3 stuff for my ipod

jaferris4092d ago

brilliant app , better than the free one , this one can sign into your psn id and will display your trophies :) well worth the money , come on it less than a loaf of bread

DLA2K94092d ago

sounds ........pointless

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The story is too old to be commented.