The History of Shenmue

That Gaming Site writes: "Shenmue; many may cheerfully recall the good times they had with the game while others will look on with a blank stare. Gamers have waited years for a new Shenmue title to grace consoles and allow them to continue the adventure. Considering Sega's current state we doubt that will happen anytime soon, so now is as good a time as any to educate gamers about one of the industry's most epic series."

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Elven63552d ago

So many good memories of Shenmue, I'm playing through the second on my 360 right now, it really holds up.

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George Costanza3552d ago

Haven't played X, but Shenmue is definitely a masterpiece.

Rikitatsu3552d ago

LOL!! Keep dreaming!

The only thing that can rival it is MGS

Whitefox7893552d ago

Regarding Final Fantasy X I will say one thing "Tidus voice acting"

I'm serious when Tidus was thinking in thought his voice actor sounded better then when he spoke aloud and lets not forget the dreaded laughing scene he had with Yuna "HaHaHaHaHaHA!"

Marojado3552d ago

FFX and Shenmue were both fantastic games, although comparisons aren't really relevant seeing as they're nothing alike.

Immortal Kaim3552d ago

Why did you bring up FFX?

Shenmue is a masterpiece, everyone who experienced it at the time will say the same thing, there will never be another Shenmue...

DelbertGrady3551d ago

Why are you comparing Shenmue to FF X and MGS? Those games have nothing in common.

NBA Live 09 > Pacman?

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pangitkqb3552d ago

One of the most under-appreciated series of last generation.

Elven63552d ago

I would go further then last gen, one of the most under-appreciated series in gaming!

Elven63552d ago

Question, suppose they announce Shenmue III but Yu Suzuki had little to no involvement with the project, your thoughts? I personally would hate that, Suzuki is a genius and Shenmue reflects that, unfortunately the way things are going at Sega it may become a reality! :(

TheColbertinator3552d ago

I would most likely not get Shenmue 3 if Suzuki was not involved.That would be like Metal Gear without Kojima,Zelda without Miyamoto,or Doom without Carmack

pangitkqb3552d ago

a travesty. That would be like someone besides Shakespeare creating a follow up to King Leer.

Elven63552d ago

Good to see I'm not the only one! Unfortunately I doubt Sega does, all they see is a sea of hungry Shenmue fans who will buy a game regardless. :(

Whitefox7893552d ago

Heres what Yu Suzuki said about it:

Tawianese Game site interview with Yu Suzuki. He is asked about the console series:

"Yu-san wants to complete the story of Shenmue. He knows how the fans want it,including the petition held in the US that gathered 20,000 signatures. Unfortunately, there's no concrete plans for the development of the sequel yet, but if it'd be decided Yu-san himself would like to direct it, noone else. So, the fans shouldn't worry!"

sadly enough that quote was over 4 years ago that I believe might be enough for someone to change his mind....

My other research has shown that script-wise the game is done the only thing it needs is a green light and Financial funding for the project for those who don't believe me here is a video of one of the characters that was suppose to be in Shenmue 3

As one of the big Shenmue fans I will still hope for this game as long as is still running I still have faith


Immortal Kaim3552d ago

Anyone remember the QTE style punching game in the Arcade ;)

I was like 50th in the world at one point, god the dreamcast was ahead of its time, online components were unheard of back then...

RIP Dreamcast :(

Whitefox7893552d ago

I remember that game and I also remember playing Space Harrier at the arcade some of the best times of my gaming life....

Elven63552d ago

Suzuki would want to do Shenmue III but Sega wouldn't let him, he is basically a "disgrace" for lack of a better word at Sega according to Japanese society due to the huge losses he created for them. That doesn't mean he won't get a chance at Shenmue III but the odds are definitely against him on this one.

Remember recently Sega said they wanted to have that Yakuza creator guy on the same level as Kojima. Poor Sega dosen't realize they already have someone on par with Kojima, I hear he's currently hiding somewhere at Sega-AM!

Immortal Kaim3552d ago

Yeah mate, there is something so special about Shenmue. For those who missed out on Shenmue at the time, I feel like they missed one of the most important games ever created, that type of experience happens once in a lifetime.

Whitefox7893552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Elven6 I totally freaking agree man and I can say being both a huge Kojima and Yu Suzuki fan both MGS and Shenmue have been some of the best gaming experiences of my life

I also love the fact that they are trying to make the guy from Yakuza like Kojima I played the demo for Yakuza 3 in the mindset that it would be like Shenmue boy was I wrong don't get me wrong Yakuza series is a good gaming series but there was one thing I noticed about the NPC's ohh wait it was Text based conversations not that old last gen idea where every NPC had lines of audio in the conversation :D.

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George Costanza3552d ago

I've only played the first Shenmue on Dreamcast, I picked up a new copy of Shenmue II in a bargain bin a while back but haven't had the time to play it, think I might now.

Cernex3552d ago

I actually can say that I love Shenmue, played both, and therefore, don't really need to be educated about it, :) Also, don't forget about Shenmue: The Movie, :P

El Cernex

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