Are all games trade worthy?

Excerpt: When is the best time to get rid of a new game? Obviously you don't want to buy a game for 60 to 70 dollars, play it for 5-6 hours and dupe yourself into believing you got your money's worth. Then again, you don't want to get trapped with a game that had a lot of hype and then turned out to be a huge downer. If you game at all, then you understand this scenario all too well.

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farhsa20083467d ago

here is a tip for gamers, don't trade games in ever! just put it up on ebay, you will get a lot more money for it and not damn credits to be used, usually you will get upto 75% of your money back.

interrergator3466d ago

what happend to sleeper hits i like it way better than hyping a game