Multi-Platform Follow Up: Count out Lost Planet & Dead Rising

A few days ago I posted a podcast from that stated "important xbox360 exclusives coming over to the PS3". Heavy speculation derived at the conclusion it would be capcom bringing over 2 of their xbox exclusives Lost Planet and Dead Rising. In this blog posted quote by Christian Svensson Capcom Entertainment Inc's. - Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Research he states in a question an answer:

Q: "What I am wondering, is since Capcom has claimed "Capcom is committed to making its titles available to as wide an audience as possible," does that mean Capcom will be making games that were exclusive to the Xbox 360 cross platform as they did with Devil May Cry or is that quote from Capcom more of just a PR man doing their job? Thanks"

Christian Svensson: "The answer is Dead Rising and Lost Planet are not slated to appear on Wii or PS3 as far as current plans go. The reasons for this are quite convoluted and I'm bound by NDAs on these matters so I can't divulge why this is the situation."

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GaMr-4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Rule these out.

Edit: @ Kingboy. Well they didnt say never. They just said they are going for simultaneous releases. Wich means you might see sequels mutli plat. But they wont rehatch old releases. DMC4 Was not out yet. Lost Planet and Dead rising are. See what I mean.

kingboy4760d ago

Didn`t they refuse devil may cry going exclusive on several occasions?

xfrgtr4760d ago

The same thing was said about DMC4 a month ago,capcom said that they had no plan to port it to the 360.I'm sure it will be Lost planet and dead rising

techie4760d ago

They aren't people. Just calm it. It's nice to get the small shots out the way...and wait for the big shots to be announced for the ps3

calderra4760d ago

*two thumbs up*
I'm betting everything they make is eventually going multiplatform, it's just a question of what and when. The NDA portion is probably keeping back the fact that everything's eventually coming out for everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.