10 Simple Reasons Why the PS3 is a Commercial Dud

Neelesh Mukherjee points out 10 simple reasons and it certainly looks like he just woke up.

A must-read article that tell you what "journalists" in third world country think of PS3 and their 'art' of comparision. enjoy! q:

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Antan5201d ago

"The PS2 was 10 times slower than the Xbox" ??

ASSASSYN 36o5201d ago

Yes turtle it was way slower than the xbox processor. But the point of the article on that issue was a complement not an insult. PS2 did do very well despite xbox. Now flip that and ps3 is crap, xbox 360 is the toilet, 360 gamers plus sony PR are the hands doing the flushing and sony gamers are the toilet paper cleaning up the mess. PWnED!

nix5201d ago

he he he.. just submitted this to let you know what 'journalists' in the third country think of PS3. or how idiotic they are! a fun read.

Bad_Karma5201d ago

Oooow now theres 10 reasons i`ve not heard before ... jesus ,is this guy late to the party or what . There aint nothing wrong with the PS3 in any respect just like there aint nothing wrong with the 360 .

Ps3Fanboy7775201d ago

Seriously its becoming a SPAM site. There is hardly any REAL news.. Heading back to QJ and PSU atleast they stick to gaming stories

dissectionalrr5201d ago

AGAIN!!!! All I see nowadays is "10 reasons why PS3 is inferior to the competition" articles. If this doesn't sway the average Joe's opinion (along with similar stories on CNN for God's sake) I don't know what will.

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