Four years of Guild Wars: A retrospective

On April 28, 2005, a new type of MMO was born. Guild Wars managed to balance two very different types of MMO players: the gentler Role-Players and the bloodthirsty PvP Players. After four years, Guild Wars continued to hold its title as the "MMO for everyone," providing episodic content that connected with MMO players across the globe. Known for co-op instanced gameplay and its innovative pay for the game, play for free business model, Guild Wars has today sold over six million units, and remains a classic in the MMORPG genre.

While the premise of the story was simple, it was the nature of the additional campaigns that added depth to Guild Wars. Prophesies, the original campaign, introduced players to Ascalon and pit them against the invading forces of the Charr, forcing them to struggle against ultimate destruction in a world devastated by the Searing.

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Erdrick3490d ago

once guild wars 2 starts to peak out over the horizon, i'll play more eye of the north... but until then, i've kind of had my fill.