Uncharted 2 Interview, Evan Wells sets it Straight

Naughty-Dog's Co-President Evan Wells, talks about Drake, banter and answers the big question on Uncharted 2 Multiplayer!

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callahan093461d ago

Good interview. Glad to hear that the primary focus is still the single-player story.

cranium3461d ago

As long as it's better and longer than the first, I'm sold.

DavidMacDougall3461d ago

I just can't wait to get my hands on it!! Love the story, graphics, gameplay and i'll get to see how the multi works!! AAH!! lol

xabmol3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Me too. Kinda already knew that was their focus though. =]


As long as it's as good as the first, I'm sold.

ThanatosDMC3461d ago

I hope Nathan gets into a love triangle drama with one good chick and one seductively sexy evil chick. The words that will come out of his mouth to balance that out will be priceless.

BYE3461d ago

I hope this time they don't put some weird monsters in the game, that was the only thing that sucked in the first game.

sumguy823461d ago

"I hope Nathan gets into a love triangle drama with one good chick and one seductively sexy evil chick. The words that will come out of his mouth to balance that out will be priceless."

- want them to take already extremely cliche story telling and cliche characters, and add even more cliches? give me a break. how about some original ideas?

@the guy below him...
umm...those out of no-where, ai-less monsters were half the game.

and someone tell me what makes this a "good interview." the dude asked like 6 very standard questions and used the question that the interviewee didn't even answer as his hook to get ppl to read it. what a joke.

so sick of unwarranted praise from the ps3 fanboy community. in your eyes, all sony news is the best news of the day, and whatever game that news is about is the best game of all time and can do no wrong. you have absolutely 0 ability to criticize constructively even when it's well deserved.

Marceles3461d ago

The monsters were great because it totally threw me off and made it feel like they weren't just using the same recycled human characters through the whole game. It reminded me of the first Tomb Raider and seeing the mummies for the first time after making me think there wouldn't be anything but animals and humans in the game.

Jake the Muss3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

"you have absolutely 0 ability to criticize constructively even when it's well deserved."

Perhaps you might wish to look at yourself in the mirror for a change, Sumguy82.

I wasn't aware that Nathan was regarded as a particularly cliché character - one would imagine that quiet, generic tough-guy space marines are all the rage these days. A quick look through some of the reviews of Uncharted and you would notice the majority of reviewers are praising the story and script than calling it "cliché"... I think it is your counter criticism that is off the mark here.

Funny, you call the monster/zombie's AI-less, yet I see descriptions of Uncharted's AI such as "Impressive", "aggressive" and "rock solid"... not exactly words I associate with "AI-less".

Additionally, your remark that "whatever game that news is about is the best game of all time and can do no wrong" is laughable indeed - the comment right above you was someone raising an opinion that there actually was something wrong about the first game: the zombie creatures. Funny you were so quick to jump to conclusions about "ps3 fanboys" that you failed to notice that.

No-one above you called the first Uncharted perfect (like all games, it has its flaws), but your attempt to critique other commenters is ironic at best.

callahan093461d ago

Well-done, Jack. I agree with your entire well-written comment. Sumguy's comment is nothing if not spam. I'm totally sick of people calling out fanboys of one side of the aisle as if they're any worse than fanboys on the other side. I thought this was a good interview precisely because I learned that single-player is still the focus on this game, despite the addition of a multiplayer component. I thought the first game was pretty, charming, and fun. I want more of that, and I'm excited that it seems I'll be getting it. But apparently these days you're a fan boy for enjoying video games. Go figure.

JoySticksFTW3461d ago

LOL! Your credibility disappeared right there... ;)

ThanatosDMC3461d ago

What are you talking about? Uncharted is influenced by so many great adventure movie, especially Indiana Jones. The story is cliche BUT how they unraveled the story was amazing. Heck, even Nathan made fun of how things were going especially after the initial mummy freaks came out.

Also, half of the game?! What game were you playing? The mummies were only present for 2 or 3 chapters and they were actually refreshing for me. You dont hide from them. You run like hell and shoot behind you.

@ JoySticksFTW

Nvm, you nailed him.

Jaces3461d ago

All I ask from Uncharted is if online competitive, please no ridiculous trophies.

Other than that, were good. This game is going to be epic.

Milky3461d ago

Yaaaay I love cheats!

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harv0523461d ago

Yeah...I'm still a believer that Uncharted doesn't need Multiplayer...The singleplayer is more than enough and very well made.

Premonition3461d ago

I agree but a little co-op with a friend wouldnt hurt.

Mindboggle3461d ago

I agree Uncharted definetly doesnt need a Multiplayer mode but online/offline co-op would be more than welcome. Most of the time in Uncharted 1 you were with Sulley or Elena so it onluy makes sense.

mastiffchild3461d ago

Co-op may be nearly everyones favourite thing these days but, for me, it killed RE5 stone dead(aand that's from someone who religiously bought every RE release prior to it-canon and non canion-even Outbreak and UC!). Yeah most parts were fun to play through with a human buddy(some were a right pain)but the SP campaign was reduced to a gun laden babysitting sim where you had to deal with the useless inventory system twice as often which led t you just giving Sheva all the health and only allowing her the rifle-not what Capcom intended surely? The focus shifting from the game being SP also chnaged the genre of that game.

Whole co-op wouldn't change Unchrted genre wise I'm glad that SP is their focus but having said that it's a hell of a job to retool the campaign ater for co-op ro work well. Maybe just some exra missions for co-op with wierd goals or competitive co-op where two pairs compete against each other and smart AI to get to a goal first-but please leave the main campaign SP.

I can't see a vanilla TDM type of MP working at all but I guess if they only put in stuff as good as or better than the SP in the first game we'll be fine.

As for the kerfuffle above about Uncharted being all cliche? Well, yes, in the way it's definitely got the feel of a big summer Hollywood blockbuster but Drake is a far deeper and more everyman lead than I can recall for years and they took on the genre so knowingly that the game itself never stooped into cliches. Jeez, even Elena was a refreshing change from the usual vapid or underdressed female characters and Sully is a dude! Fact is it did some of that big impressive stuff better than most films do and trhat alongside whip smart AI, some top twists and, at the time, peerless gfx made it a pretty great new IP.

Btw, I love Gears1 and 2 but I would always take the first Uncharted over the pair of them even without MP or Co Op(In fact most people would prolly prefer Gears2 without MP!)so, just like Dead Space last year, if a SP is good enough you should NEVER miss MP. In actual fact I'd love to see the next , inevitable, new FPS IP arrive witha focus purely on what the SP could be as it just doesn't get enough attention these days in that genre. Just cos everyone else seems to be doing it doesn't make it right for everyone(e.g fat chicks in leggings or wifebeaters for beer bellied men)and it looks like ND know this.

Ps_alm3k3461d ago

and it's multi-player for uncharted 2 otherwise you will go to H**L!!!!!
And im a firm believer in this... * Close uncharted bible and runs away*....

Defectiv3_Detectiv33461d ago

I find it hard to believe that they would hold open beta testing for this game for multiplayer co-op, I think they have a standalone multiplayer in mind.

As much as I'd rather see them focus on SP, If ND can pull off a decent mp this game will easily be in the top 5 come end of the year. The best part is they wont be constricted w/ all that 256 players on a server nonesense.

between Naughty Dog, Japan Studio, Suckerpunch, Guerilla, and Insomniac, Sony has a dream team of devs.

maverick11913461d ago

good interview but he didnt really answer the question about MP but the infamous and uncharted 2 beta online says its confirmed

actas1233461d ago

I think this is an old interview.

The_Devil_Hunter3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Hopefully the last boss battle is better than the one in the first game. The last battle on the 1st Uncharted didnt get to me, kinda lame.

Unicron3461d ago

I liked it, because it was a whole level, and not just a guy with a certain amount of more HP. Then again, I was also a fan of the "final boss" of Ico. Sometimes its nice to break up the convention.

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