World Of Warcraft: Legendary Mace - Val'anyr stats discovered

MMO-Champion Writes: "That was fairly unexpected but the stats of Val'anyr, the legendary mace of Ulduar have been discovered."

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nightelfmohawk3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I'm so glad I quit World of Meleecraft back in November. Although this can be used by shadow priests, Warlocks and Mages are left out AGAIN. I'm so glad I quit this game and got a PS3 and PS2 slim.

XXXCouture3489d ago

Welcome to the dark side. i hope you enjoy your ps3 and ps2 just as much as you enjoyed wow.

ive also been addicted to wow before for about half a year, i totally hate it for that. took away alot of things from my life

Dnarbeis3489d ago

You can say that again ;)

Xwow20083489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

for paladins
@night: mages are powerful and melee classes are not the most powerful, the game is balanced.

Lumbo3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

why bother, to sum it up, Paladins are soooo balanced, prolly thats the reason why the right solution when meeting an enemy Paladin is to run away or die ...

Xwow20083489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

completely balanced,and blizz will fix the op classes in future patches.

Perjoss3489d ago

If all classes were 99% balanced all the time people would switch mains alot less often, and people are likely to get bored of the game in general alot faster.

It does not take a genius to see what Blizzard are doing with WoW. They have their flavor of the month class that is always more powerful than others, I think the first class the receive this treatment were rogues, hence the release of the world of roguecraft video. others that spring to mind are warlocks and recently it was death knights and paladins.

People see how godly these classes are and abandon their main class to have some fun. It does not take 2 days to level up a class to 80 and equip them in full pvp gear, the more times people change class for these new super classes the longer you are playing wow and they make more money.

It's the only explanation in my eyes, Bliz have all the figures right there in front of them, its very clear for them to see that x class it outputting much more damage than y class, so why do they allow a certain class to remain godlike for months at a time?

STK0263489d ago

I wouldn't say they screwed the casters overall, this item is meant to be used by healers, which makes sense. I guess one day casters will also get something.

iceice1233489d ago

In Naxx40 they had Ateish.