iPGN: Arrowhead Chase Review

iPGN writes: "When I saw this game advertised on the forum, my first reaction was that I really wanted to play it right away. It looked so cool and unique. Now it's a couple of weeks later, I have played it quite a bit and I still find it cool and unique. Sadly, I also find it incredibly boring.

The game is about a colourful and nicely animated figure called Arrowhead. For some reason you chase it around tunnels and you get points when you find him, the quicker the better. Arrowhead doesn't like to be tracked, but I don't know why as there is no story. It's just you racing Arrowhead to the finish. Arrowhead doesn't move continuously but instead it waits for you to catch up until it continues the race. There is no real feeling of racing as you just have to catch up and the route is not known."

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