The Games (And Some Characters) of Samurai Shodown Anthology

GamerDad writes: "Recently I picked up Samurai Shodown Anthology, a collection of SNK's series of 2-D one on one fighters. It's available for Wii, PSP, and PS2 I believe. I got the PS2 version because it was only 15 bucks. And as I always like to do with these things, here's a blog detailing the games on this collection (SS 1 through 6), plus a little info on the series and my favorite characters.

While each Samurai Shodown game has its own tweaks and differences, they all share some common traits. Instead of battling each other with fisty punches, spinny kicks, and the occasional pooped out fireball, SS games are weapons-based fighters. You could even get your sword knocked out of your hand and would have to go pick it up if you wanted to continue to fight effectively. Also, most SNK fighters at this time had crazy 'Engrish' win quotes, but they seemed more prevalent and memorable in the Samurai Shodown games! Just go to any zany video game quote sites and spot a few for a good laugh!"

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SinnedNogara3463d ago

We need a new Samurai Showdown on the PS3, 360, and Wii.

SmokingMonkey3462d ago

i got PSP version of anthology, and i want the PS2 version to play on my PS3. (i want to use the DS3)

But i think there is a Sam Sho "Sen" in japan, a 3d version, and i think i saw somewhere it was coming to XBL?

Death3461d ago

You would think by now we would have a better port or new version of this game. Unbelievable that the best is on a console from the 90's still. In all fairness it was a really expensive console, but still...