What is the Greatest FPS Ever?

What is the Greatest FPS Ever?
PSL Writes "We will be running a Survey for the next few weeks to find out What is the Greatest FPS Ever?"

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Dmack793516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

at least in my professional opinion. ;)

barom3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Gotta say Call Of Duty 4. I don't even like FPS but CoD4 actually became one of my favorite games period. Single-player was great (maybe short, but I personally didn't think so) and the online is still great.

The only FPS that I enjoyed on the level of Counter Strike 1.5.

Mindboggle3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Killzone 2 is outstanding and currently is my favourite fps, but it has to be COD4...Followed closely by Half life 2 and Halo 1...But whatever anyone says your always going to get divided opinions...

ThanatosDMC3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

The greatest? That would be Counter Strike 1.6 that's not CS: Source, btw.

I bet everyone here has probably played Counter Strike at least once. I suck at using the Awp. I love the galil and mp5. When i have money, i buy the para just to spray the double doors. I camp behind the door with an autoshotty. I use the F90 when defending short A catwalk.

When im defusing with other teammates around me, I let it blow up.

mikeslemonade3516d ago

I agree with COD4. The game reached the masses like Madden football did for both PC and console. Half life and Counter Strike didn't do great for consoles, and Halo didn't do great for the PC.

SaiyanFury3516d ago

People can disagree with me all they want but for me, the best FPS game of all time is the original Doom: PSX Custom Edition with Dooms 1 and 2 included. Over 50 levels that take hours upon hours to finish.

kharma453516d ago

For me it's

1. GoldenEye
2. Call of Duty 4
3. Killzone 2
4. HL2

YungXclusive2K93516d ago

COD 4 is great but its for achivement whores, and what i mean by that is that it Lived off unlockables. Killzone 2 on the other hand is a very very fun game even after i unlocked all the ranks and the story is solid. Very well supported game too

But thats my opinion Killzone 2 is the best but i would still put golden eye on the top of my list because its a Classic

DominusRebellis3516d ago

Well for those who haven't played anything before the PS3, here's my list

1. Goldeneye 64
2. Doom Series/Duke Nukem
3. Call of Duty 4
4. Half-life 1 and 2

I did not murder him3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I don't think these polls being dragged through Playstation forums and media places will be valid at best.

First you have to look at what you like and after that we only have the success of these games when talking about the bigger picture. COD games sell well because they are good games, Haze flopped because it is bad game. Of course I'm talking about the bigger picture, some people may like Haze :)

kevnb3516d ago

other than that good choices. My list is,
1. Unreal Tournament
2. Quake 3
3. Duke Nukem 3d
4. Half-Life
5. Doom

zoneofenders3516d ago

i would say killzone2
and crysis

i played FPS since Doom and i know there were a lot of classics.
but i hardly believe they can compete with modern FPS
after all this is about the greatest FPS ever not the most memorable FPS ever.

FreeMonk3516d ago

1. Call of Duty 4
2. Quake 2
3. Halo: Combat Evolved
4. Unreal Tournement

Call of Duty 4 is the most rounded FPS around at the moment, which is available on both of the major consoles.

Quake 2 was an awesome game on the PC, and had a superb MP aspect

Halo 1......first great FPS for a console. They don't compare other games as 'Halo Killer' for nothing on X360 and PS3

Unreal Tournement was an awesome jump in gameplay and graphics when originally released on the PC some years back.

Close calls....Half Life & Doom

Doctor_Doom3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

you can't be serious ???

I will say Half Life and System Shock 2

SeNiLe9113516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Halo 3 is the Greatest FPS Ever!

Here are the facts:

Almost 2 years later and it's still the 1# played game. People just come back to it even when other great games come out.

a close second would be COD

I should mention, some might say that COD WaW took away from COD 4 so if you added the 2 it would beat out Halo 3 but if you look down the list to the Original Xbox Titles, what is on top there? Halo 2. Add them together and the Halo franchise still is on top.

Giriath3516d ago

Counter-Strike (not source).

boodybandit3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

PC = HL2, Counter Strike then Quake 2
Consoles Multiplat = COD4
MS Exclusive = Halo
Sony Exclusive = Killzone 2

First console shooter that hooked me on a console = (N64) Golden Eye

Shooter I logged the most time playing = Quake 2

Nelson M3516d ago

Halo 1,2 or 3
Thats for Sure

ape0073516d ago

without a shadow of a doubt

goldeneye007 and perfect dark 64

these games are better than kz2+cod4+the whole halo franshise COMBINED but still they are great games

ShabzS3516d ago

call of duty 4

half life 2

actas1233516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

1. COD4 2. Resistance 2 .

table3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I never understood why people rate goldeneye so highly. Yes it was good at the time but it had a god awful control scheme as a result of the early controllers. Couldn't aim and walk at the same time and it felt like you were walking in caramel... mmhhh

Always felt that quake, doom and unreal tournament were all over-rated.

Just some of my favs that I dont expect you to agree with;

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Timesplitters 2
Halo CE (for PC, xbox controls were not as good)
Half Life

COD4 and maybe Killzone2 will be up there in a few more years but I like to rate on nostalgia first :)

But lets not forget that the best games are not FPS ;)

gaffyh3516d ago

This website fails and the poll fails. Killzone 2 maybe this gen so far, but for EVER I'd say Half-Life

Rock Bottom3516d ago

Single player: Half life 2(+ e1 and e2) by far...

Multilayer: well, I can't really tell since I don't play online that much. :P

Bonsai12143516d ago

"1.5" if you don't know what i mean by that, you don't deserve to play FPS on any platform.

Clubptxxx3516d ago

Anyone who votes for a console shooter is, in fact, wrong. I think to be the best shooter of all time, it needs to have the best input system. And a controller can't give you the precision that a mouse can. Now I know people are going to disagree, and that's fine because you're entitled to your opinion, But the best shooter on that list is the Orange Box. 5 Shooters in one game for less than any one of those games. But it's not only about the value here. Team Fortress 2 is one of(if not the best) Shooter out there right now. Constant updates and a great modding community pretty much seal that one. Portal Was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. I'd already played Half-Life 2, and HL2 Ep. 1. Episode 2 Was sort of a let down because it left me with a need for more.

Now. To all of those who say GoldenEye. I can honestly say, even for it's time, it really wasn't that great. Split-Screen was a great feature. But even so, it comes no where close to Quake.

Dark General3516d ago

Deus Ex is the best in my opinion. Rapes every game on that list.

ReservoirDog3163516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Half-Life 2

honorable mentions

Call of Duty 4
Halo 1
Killzone 2

edit: Deus Ex and System Shock 2 are probably better than everything else but I never played them

DominusRebellis3515d ago

I forgot Fatal Frame may not be considered an FPS but you "shoot" with a camera and those games were damn near scary

Dark General3515d ago

Man you should really play SS2 or Deus Ex (the original). They should be pretty cheap i'm not sure if they are on steam but if they are you should give them a shot.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

-The Orange Box
-Perfect Dark
-Golden Eye
-Duke Nukem 3D

Honorable Mentions:
-Resistance Fall of Man (the original) ((I loved the storyline, the guns, the action and the strategy))
-Medal of Honor: Frontline
-South Park 64
-Turok 64


xbollox3515d ago

1- duke nukem3D
2- quake 2,3
3- killzone 2
4- half life

N4g_null3515d ago

Of course quake 3, no one has done it better so far when it comes to CTF and Team death matches. Yet ET:QW has lots of extras you will not get in most FPS period. Best team based game.

Marquis_de_Sade3515d ago

Personally any one of the Halo games, I have played each one to death, spent weeks on Halo 2 and Halo 3, Killzone 2 managed to hold my attention for just over 35 hours, good game, but greatest FPS ever? Come on...

cl63AMG3515d ago

1. Unreal Tournament
2. Call of Duty 4
3. Halo CE
4. Half Life 2

bnaked3515d ago

No game has more soul than Half Life 2!

Other FPS are just great FPS, Half Life 2 is a cultural masterpiece..

Mikerra173515d ago

its gotta be COD4, KZ2 is a great game, but come on cod4 still has people playin it like mad

player9113515d ago

Online Multiplayer
- Unreal Tournament Series

Single Player
- Half Life Series

Runner Ups
- Quake SP
- Halo 3 MP
- Wolfenstein RTCW SP
- Theif SP
- Turok 64 SP
- Goldeneye MP

BISHOP-BRASIL3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Your "professional" opinion (even if you really are professionally related to game industry in any way) is no more than a opinion, it counts as ONE opinion as any other.

That said, Killzone 2 is great, endeed. Best shooter ever? No f*ing way... At least in my opinion (one and counting :))

Actually, I like it at least a bit more tactital. Killzone 2 had everything to be great, a great shooting gameplay, good map design, great perk/class gameplay that give people different function, the change of missions in real time request team sync.

But it lacks options for non-respawn and "hardcore" (with greater bullet damage/smaller health and mandatory no HUD) while creating a game. Not to mention the communication sucks hard (I prefer push to talk system, it's more organized, reach all the team and muffle punks that have no education on the mic). It also lacks a bit on weapon variation (but it's ok, just coul've been better with more SMGs, ARs and a proper sniper rifle, i think the special gadgets for classes make up for it) If they do a patch on all those thinks (I don't think they will), it would reach the ideal game status for me.

For now, firstly I would open this "list" to all shooters, be it First or Third Person. Than I would put SOCOM 2 high up there. In case of "FPS only" list, COD4 was great in hardcore with objectives (S&D, Domination, Sabotage, Headquaters) but there was many people abusing RPGs and nade launchers on anything ranked, not to mention all the aim assist and less-than-great shooting mechanics.

ryuyasho3515d ago

suck!!! everybody in this $#!+ world knows that DOOM 2: Hell in Earth IS THE BEST SHOOTER EVER!!!!

Tony P3515d ago

I vote they change the name of the poll to "Greatest FPS this gen". None of these is the best ever.

bpac1234567893515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

There's no Counterstrike on this list and HAlo is nowhere in sight so it fails. I lean more to sony games but only a fool would say that the first or second halo shouldn't be on the list for one of the greatest shooters of all time.

p.s: I picked COd4. Even though i like killzones single player better, I played the Cod4 multiplayer more than killzones and ultimately had more fun in the long run. ( killzone still has a great multiplayer that is better than Cod4's in many ways, but when it comes down to it Cod4 was more fun and thats what counts imo.

vhero3515d ago

Timesplitters 2 without a doubt had everything even without online it was still a great FPS and made by the creators of goldeneye.. people who say halo and Killzone really dont know what they missed out on and have obviously only been playign fps games for a few years.. If you went on played games on an fps though Counter Strike would beat ANY online FPS hands down FACT. It is the most played FPS EVER FACT!

stevenhiggster3515d ago

My list would go like this:

1. Half life 2
2. Doom 1/2
3. COD 4:MW
4. Killzone 2
5. Crysis

Just my opinion folks.

I do think a playstation forum is the wrong place for this poll though given that the PC is the spiritual home of FPS.

stevenhiggster3515d ago

I would just like to add an honorable mention for the Timsplitters games, oh the fun me and my friends had with them on splitscreen. Sadly SP aspect of the timespliters games was a bit cack so they aint in my personal top 5.

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miked8083516d ago

You Sir would be correct.

sack_boi3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Yea, Half Life 2 followed by Call Of Duty 4.

3516d ago
Mindboggle3516d ago

Gravity gun.....End of story...

XLiveGamer3516d ago

Half Life 2
Halo: Combat Evolved
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

theKiller3516d ago

u r a girl right? because of ur avatar, or u must be very young at age! i was just wondering.

my fav FPS at the moment is
1: COD4,
2: Far Cry,
3: Black,
4: Half Life 2.

and probably Killzone 2 when i get a ps3!

Rock Bottom3516d ago

@XLiveGamer: Crysis?!!! seriously?

caladbolg7773516d ago

I voted Orange Box. HL2, Portal, and TF2 all in one package? That's pretty tough to beat.

Marceles3515d ago

Half-Life 2 definitely. That game when it first came out was just revolutionary and way ahead of the pack. It's crazy how well the game still holds up too after 5 years. Crysis isn't a bad game either, but I wouldn't say it's the greatest in fun factor...definitely the greatest looking though without a doubt.

solar3515d ago

agreed. i laugh at KZ2 on that list. i feel asleep playing that game.

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Cajun Chicken3516d ago

Sooo, then, voting the best FPS in HISTORY, EVER just includes a select collection of games made up to 3 years ago on this generation of consoles.
For the record, I think it's Serious Sam First Encounter or the XBOX version with both encounters built in, the original Halo or even Halflife, personally.

JaPo3515d ago

Christ. I genuinely thought no-one was so much of a fanboy to genuinely claim that KZ2 is the best FPS ever. You seem to be speaking some sense on the other hand.

Of the past few years, I'd elect COD4 for its superb MP and pretty brilliant, albeit short, SP.

Of all time I'd nominate Half-Life, closely followed by its sequel.

Come on; tell me, people. Why on earth is KZ2 'the best FPS ever'? Objectively, COD4 has superior MP and there's no way you can claim the SP is better than any of the classics.

sack_boi3516d ago

You probably started gaming in 2009, but it's ok. Killzone is a good FPS stunning visuals and nice MP) but, it's just not that great. Get over it.

Chubear3516d ago


redsquad3516d ago

Well, I'm a PS3-only player, love KILLZONE 2, think the gameplay is amazing & the visuals stunning, but I'd never say it was the best ever FPS. One of the best this gen, I agree, but I'd put HALF LIFE 1 and QUAKE 2 ahead by a wide margin in the 'of all time' category.

SinnedNogara3516d ago

Definently not Halo. Halo is too overated.

sack_boi3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Definately not Killzone 2 either... over hyped/rated.

Panthers3516d ago

I agree with you both. The first Halo though was amazing and KZ2 is really fun SINGLE PLAYER. Online is boring though.

caladbolg7773516d ago

Ya know, usually we hear the exact opposite of that from most people.