Gamezebo: Jessica: Mysterious Journey Review

The beautiful and adventurous Jessica meets a mysterious man at the airport and her world is turned upside down as she begins to unravel a mystery that will change her life forever in Jessica: Mysterious Journey. Unfortunately, only die-hard hidden object fans will be able to stick this one out until the end.

Jessica is young, beautiful and ready for a vacation full of adventure. While at the airport she runs into a handsome stranger named "Tony" and they hit it off deciding to ride together on the flight. All of a sudden Tony is frightened away by someone and takes off running through the airport. Jessica realizes he has dropped something and it's a piece of a map. She takes it to the University where she learns it is a piece of the map to find the "Healing Stone of Abraham." Jessica meets many colorful characters on her journey and has to earn the trust and help of many of them while running from others. Will Jessica find this treasure? Will Tony be back to claim what he lost?

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