HMV questions PS3 TV "stunt"

High street retailer HMV has described Sony's decision to offer free Bravia televisions to the first PS3 buyers as "unnecessary", warning that it could be seen as a last-minute bid for positive PR.

Speaking to a spokesperson for the high street retailer said, "The stunt of giving away over £200,000 worth HDTVs, though great for the fans that managed to get one, struck me as being slightly unnecessary in the greater scheme of things - especially as it may have encouraged some of the more cynical media to think of it as a last-minute attempt to bolster queues and PR coverage."

The official UK launch event for PlayStation 3 took place at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street last Thursday night. With just 20 minutes to go before the console went on sale, Sony UK boss Ray Maguire announced that the first 125 people in the queue would each be receiving a 46" high-definition television worth around GBP 2000.

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shikwan4756d ago

"a last-minute attempt to bolster queues and PR coverage."

And hardly anyone showing up at launch events because of over-stocked stores has gotta be the most bull I've heard from Sony. There will be PLENTY of Halo 3 games to go around so we'll see if no one shows at that launch event.

T-Virus4756d ago

that HMV customer's didn't get such privilage.

specialguest4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Tell that to all of those loyal patient fans who waited in line and received one. It's very necessary for the consumers and also on the business side of things.

Okay lets suppose that things were not going according to plan. No one showed up. So what do you do? DO NOTHING? Lay down and die? NO STUPID! you better get your ass out there to do something, give away something.

Marty83704756d ago

HMV would say that considering there rival Virgin megastores were the official PS3 launch sponsers.

gta_cb4756d ago

they prob also said something because there loosing on loads of money on the Music and Film piracy lol...

ohwell lets just sit back and see what happens next (btw, if i knew that i would have got a 46" HDREADY TV worth £2000 for buying a £425 system then i would have gone lol, even if i then hooked up the TV to my XBox360 ;) lol joking) but seriously what about the other places Sony has launched the console? ... USA, Japan they must feel unloved by Sony...

DiLeCtioN4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

hmv is just jealous. i so wish i didn't pre-order from argos if i knew virgin were giving free teles out

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