Crysis Wars Patch 1.5 - Ruins Video

First look at the new Ruins map for the Crysis Wars.

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bardler4094d ago

It looks like a really fun map. Can't wait to dust off Crysis Wars and check it out.

bardler4094d ago

Lol no it is the multiplayer portion of Crysis Warhead. It is a lot of fun.

Pandamobile4094d ago

Are you kidding or stupid?

Mikerra174094d ago

So asking a question on videogames make me stupid?

just because I dont devote my life to playing video games dosnt mean that Im stupid.

they should kick these 14 year olds outa here

REALgamer4094d ago

I never got into Crysis Wars. There's just always been better alternatives for multiplayer shooters.

I guess this is great for those who enjoy it though. =) Can't complain about anything free.

News4fanboys4094d ago

crysis wars is badasss and i look forward to playing this game again as i allready downloaded the last patch and havnt touched the game since,so wen i download this one ill have to get back on it again.

there needs to be more people running on DX10 tho..thats y i hardly play it.

Tony P4094d ago

Oh. I thought they were saying the new patch ruins video. This is much better :]