Microsoft Refunds Overcharged Braid Purchases

TGS writes: "If you were one of the many who purchased Braid on Xbox Live during the "Deal of the Week" promotion you may have been wrongfully billed an extra 400 Microsoft Points."

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Ryo-Hazuki3465d ago

LOL yeah, they refund your 400pts so u can turn around and give it right back to them. Not really a true refund

XxSolid SnakexX3465d ago

You are so right microsoft are like Nigerian scammers.

n4f3465d ago

yeah they give the 400 back +100 has a bonus. but the thing is they could car less and give you 0

Elven63465d ago

infamous: Would you rather have nothing back?

Ryo-Hazuki3465d ago

First of all, they shouldnt have overcharged me. Then they wanna call it a refund and give me my money back in "Microsoft Points" so I can only use this currency in the Microsoft's which they know they're getting that money right back. How about actually giving a refund out in a currency called dollars where I can spend that money on anything I want but then theres a chance MS wont get that money back ....nice little scam Micro

terrandragon3465d ago already spent your money on the points, so you just get MP back to spend it on other stuff instead of having it all go into Braid.

IdleLeeSiuLung3465d ago

Are you freaken serious?

You already spent the money on the points, they are giving you back the 400 points they overcharged plus another 100 as an apology i.e. they are giving you extra in the currency you spent in the first place.

I don't even know why I even respond to you, because obviously this doesn't even seem to concern you as you seemed to be massively misinformed or spreading FUD.

On top of that people are agreeing with you!

harrisk9543464d ago

The refund was (in part) to help prevent another class action. These are the types of things that lawyers will jump on and is a typical basis of class actions (i.e., overcharging consumers for goods or services). MS certainly didn't need another Xbox-related class action!

kwyjibo3464d ago

Microsoft Points are retarded, but in attempting to troll, you obviously have no idea how they work.

These are points people have already paid for, they've already set aside their dollars to spend money at Microsoft.

They're getting them back, and then more. Obviously, had Sony been responsible for this, they'd buy you a house and then jizz on your face or something, because their service is so unbelievably awesome.

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TrueGamer713465d ago

weeeeeee im getting 500 points back.. i hope

News4fanboys3465d ago


dude i agree with you 1000% man .. the nigerian scammers work for microsoft.

chaosatom3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

When MS decided to return the money, instead of writing the article of "being overcharged for braid" when MS decided to keep the money.

SonyRulz3465d ago

...that made ZERO sense. :/

360Hater3465d ago

Microsoft points. If money is the root of all evil then Microsoft points are Satan himself!

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