Morality in gaming: How to do it right, and wrong

Gamer Limit writes: "You've come to a moral crossroad, one leads to the path of virtuous, self-righteous glory. The other, a dismal path of thievery, death and destruction. Only one may be chosen, which do you follow? A superb concept for nearly any genre of video game.

A concept, however, that has never truly been accomplished. Morality is not as simple as good or evil, an aspect that seems to have been lost over the past 10 years since the release of BioWare masterpiece, the original Baldur's Gate (and subsequent sequels). Even though there were more specifics tied to your choices in BG, a true "moral compass" feature has yet to be done correctly."

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kaironn3464d ago

I thought Fable 1 did a horrible job of showing moral choices. Crunky Chicks? C'mon.

cherrycreamsauce3464d ago

Agreed. Fable 1 sucked, and so did it's faux-morality system.

More things like Mass Effect and KOTOR please! They actually have a legitimate change in storyline and character interaction.

Clance3464d ago

I have to agree with the sentiment, but lets please still have games where we can blow someone's head off without having to have a sit down with ourselves about it afterwards!! :O)

Fullish3464d ago

I think its hard to have morality in a medium that still isn't taken seriously.

Dimly3464d ago

I'm not sure gamers are ready to make their own decisions in games. The industry is too young, and so are we.

Panthers3464d ago

The choice between good and evil shouldnt be so obvious in these games. I remember an interview for InFamous where the dev said the line was going to be a lot more blurred.

Like there is a timer bomb about to go off on the other side of town. On you way to defuse it, you come across a woman being attacked by a thug. What should you do? Save the girl and the bomb will go off because of time constraints. Let the girl die and defuse the bomb.

Either choice could ruin your image or bring it up.

ReservoirDog3163464d ago

can't wait for inFamous, loved Sly Cooper,

but on topic, I liked the moral choices in GTA IV, or more precisely, the repercussions,

you can run into people later that you spared but most importantly, some of the decisions lead to things happening that you would never expect or want,

say what you want about the gameplay, the story in GTA IV is near perfect, I just wish I could get the extra dlc cause it sounds like it fills in story gaps

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The story is too old to be commented.