Explored: Windows 7 Media Streaming to XBOX 360 and PS3

Although both the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 can support UPnP media streaming from Windows Vista, none of the video formats they use are natively supported by the OS. Streaming is difficult without the use of registry hacks, and it is undesireable to use transcoding programs like TVersity.

Since Windows 7 adds native support for these programs, we tested the streaming capabilities with both consoles. Will you be able to stream MP4 and MOV files straight "out of the box"? Read on to find out!

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KionicWarlord2224095d ago

now this is going to be good.theres two that say dont play on chart.

kevnb4095d ago

i imagine they could probably make an xbox version.

Captain Tuttle4095d ago

It works on the 360 least my 360 recognizes it. I haven't really dug into it but I read on GAF that it works pretty well...needs a couple of small tweaks but it does a good job on the 360.

MicroSony4Life4095d ago

we get a negative Microsoft comment from some rabid troll.

On topic this is should be interesting.

Baka-akaB4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Meh for the ps3 at least , PS3 media server (the java ones) does a better job with the formats that really matters : mvk etc etc .

I also enjoy it because it's one of the few that let you access all of your Hdds without a fuss .
Dont want to specify video , photo or mp3 folders , especially if you got a lots of those ? Then you clear the folders and by default it will access all of them .

I've been using sometimes media player's server for avi ... but i still dont like it's windows interface , it's often capricious attitude , and having to deal with it's library system , it's also a shame it require upnp activated . At least it's good to have something that works well from the get go .

Beyond the subject of the player , i got no complaints so far about Win 7 btw , except Iexplorer

Kushan4095d ago

You give a media streaming app COMPLETE access to your entire hard drive?

That's umm....that's not a good idea...

Gue14095d ago

That's a fact too. But what's the big deal about this? It's going to be crap anyway because it doesn't do any transcoding...

GiantEnemyCrab4095d ago

Why would you want to transcode? Transcoding is resource intensive and the playback quality does not match a natively streamed video.

Transcoding and have to re-encode is garbage. I still see even with 7 you have to rename files so the PS3 can see them.. Lame Glad the MCE doesn't require any of that.

Baka-akaB4095d ago

hum trasncoding is a bad thing quality wise ... to keep the same quality you gotta use far more cpu , not to mention the strain on most wifi setups .

I only dont care about Media player because of formats like MKV , and its interface , but otherwise , it's a big plus

lowlight4095d ago

The last thing you want is to transcode your video, if at all possible.

With the PS3, it's possible to convert h.264 MKV files into h.264 MPG files. This is done without transcoding, and from there you should be able to stream the files. The video and audio will remain exactly the same. Check out

Those MPG files won't work on XBOX 360 unfortunately; I don't believe the MPG file container is supposed to be able to contain h.264 video.

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