Killing Floor "Coming Soon...Very Soon" on Steam

The next Coop Zombie Killing fest and upcoming shooter - Killing Floor, has finally hit Steam's Coming Soon List.

On the new product page are some new details, new screenshots, information on game features, and most interesting a message stating the game is "Coming Soon. Very Soon". Just how soon is unknown, but check out more details and screenshots on the Steam Game Page.

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TheIneffableBob4092d ago

Those screenshots are pretty awesome.

ThanatosDMC4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

It's not as great as the games that have come out all ready. Remember this is a mod from UT2004.

It's kinda lame that we're gonna get charged money for a mod. It's a nice game. But the main problems of this game are server issues and AI pathfinding. I hope they fixed it.

People shouldnt think of this game as L4D. It's completely different. You get weighed down A LOT by carrying multiple weapons. (at least during Killing Floor 2.0) lag is a huge issue. Hopefully they incorporate dedicated servers for this one.

Also, if you look at the features on the link. Most of those are thanks to UT2004 mutators.

If it's still the same lame melee gameplay or whatever... then you can just get an Axe and survive for the first 4-5 waves. You step forward, attack, step back, so the monster misses.

The main "strategy" for this game is to lock yourself in a hallway with two doors: a front door and a back door. There's always a room like it in all the maps created except the Swamps. The back door is for wielding by one person (two at later waves) the front door for everybody else to kill the specimens.

There's unlimited health shots that you can inject yourself with (small dose) but if you inject a teammate you give a bigger dose of health.

The rocket launcher is pretty useless. Grenade spamming is key at end waves. Shotgun is the best weapon along with the hunting rifle. The automatic (Styre-Aug unless they changed it) is useless and runs of ammo FAST.

The elevator in the hospital the funniest place to die and get cornered in. Also, the elevator takes forever to get down or up. The "witch" is super deadly when it gets close. She has long range scream attack. Your heads explode if too close.

Be careful of those invisible zombies. They're weak but they usually get a free hit on you if you're not careful.

Running and healing will be a must. Running backwards is slow.

ThanatosDMC4092d ago

I wish they had Necromorph looking monsters in the next zombie games. They're much more freaky looking.