RatedG4Gamer : Lets look back at Uncharted : Drake's Fortune writes : With all the hype about Uncharted 2 we thought we would step back in time and take a look at Uncharted Drakes Fortune.

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anh_duong4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

rated for people who can't see their arse from their elbow..

7.5 for graphics!?! another hitwhoring blogger who needs to generate hits perhaps?? another monkey to join the million monkeys with a milion keyboards blogger brigade..

"Truly, Uncharted is the first game I've seen to date that makes me wonder if it could be done on the Xbox 360, and as a huge admirer of the software line-up on Microsoft's system, that's saying a lot."

"When it comes to the visuals, Uncharted is a gorgeous-looking game that manages to display some impressive backgrounds and character models. "

"Drake's Fortune is a remarkable visual achievement, but more importantly, it's a lot of good old-fashioned fun that's worth its weight in El Dorado's gold."

"There's no disputing this globe-trotting adventure looks amazing"

"It's by far one of the best looking PS3 games around."

7.5 for graphics?????? wtf

i feel dirty after clicking on the direct link and giving the blog the unwarranted hit.. the sort of dirtiness you feel after flushing a huge turd down the pan..