Why Gears of War 3 should be on the PS3

"Most of you would have read the title and screamed "Blasphemy!!" but if you read on you will see there are many a valid reason for Epic games to release Gears of War 3 on the PS3."


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cayal4098d ago

*grabs popcorn*

This is going to be fun.

4098d ago
WhittO4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

I think if Gears of War was a multi-plat game, it wouldnt get as much attention as it gets now, same with any exclusive really (same with Resistance).

It would just be another good game to play and not a big block-buster exclusive.

Games get ALOT more attention if they are exclusive, more advertising and attention etc.

table4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Firstly you can say the same about any exclusive selling better if it was multiplatform.

And as for the other 2 points they are completely void anyway. If the game was multiplatform you couldn't get the most out of the ps3 and blu-ray would be irrelevant.

Most pointless article in a long time. Typical of badassgamerblog I must say.

ThanatosDMC4098d ago

This article fails... why not have at as a 2D side scroller while we're at it?

ShabzS4098d ago

nice !!.. loving the obvious headine... fight minions fight

Aquanox4098d ago

Gears on PS3 article # 2304914839201

Next Please.

TenSteps4098d ago

at this rate the Gears to PS3 articles will never pass the MGS4 to 360 articles.

phosphor1124098d ago

What makes you think that putting it on the PS3 would be any better? The game is still f*cking broken. Here, let me chainsaw this asshole, dive roll away WHILE he's getting chainsawed and run across the map in 5 seconds. That's the kind of game BREAKING glitches they have.

harrisk9544098d ago

This "article" is completely ridiculous... a complete waste of space. It offers nothing either in concept or in content... it is another example of a blogger thinking of some way to garner hits... I am not dissing Gears, but there are soooo many other games that I think are far superior (not just the "usual" PS3 exclusives that always get mentioned, but multi-platform titles as well, that I have no desire or care to see Gears on the PS3.

Sez 4098d ago

Why should Epic put gears 3 on the ps3. When exclusive that do come out on the ps3 don't really sell. Why throw money away on a system that only Internet fanboy will ever buy. Look at KZ2,LBP,R2,ect. Games sell on the 360 because it's a game system. So every 360 is used for that very reason. Where as more people use the ps3 as a blu-ray player. I admitt maybe they should put the movie of gears on the ps3. Since it will be the only thing that will sell.

evrfighter4098d ago

why play mgs4 on any console when you can play it on youtube?

FarEastOrient4098d ago

Quick cook so more popcorn this thread is building fast!!

Ausbo4098d ago

it looks like badassgamer is possibly becoming the next hiphopgamer site. All they are is speculation and why something SHOULD happen. Absoulutely no news whatsoever.

Silver3604098d ago

They are working with a unified memory on the 360 and they have issues. What makes this guy think that Epic would get it right on the PS3's split RAM. They would have to totally change they way they develop the game to make it cross platform. Remember those 360 lead development games don't work so good on the PS3.

dragunrising4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

If we're using bada$$gamers logic, we should demand Insomniac games make Resistance 3 multiplatform. Why not? It sounds just as bad. Some games/franchises should stay platform exclusive.

aksmashh4098d ago

I Think Thats What Is Meant By The Article

I Think They Shouldn't Bother Unless There Going To Bring Out On PS3 First & Then Ported Down To The 360

But Like Most People Said It Would Be Good Addition Either Way

phosphor1124098d ago

UT3 for PS3 looks exactly like GeoW 2. Same amount of Anti Aliasing and everything. Also, when comparing the UT3 for PS3 and 360, the PS3 version honest to God runs better. It has an optional install, but its about 1.2 gigs, and it cuts load times in almost half.

SaiyanFury4097d ago

Isn't Gears of War one of the few IPs that Microsoft actually owns? Why would the 2nd sequel be on Sony's system when Microsoft owns the IP?

Aquanox4097d ago

Gears on PS3 is as likely as Resistance on Xbox 360. So forget about it.

MGS4 on the other hand, has been a multiplatform title in the past, that's why it has all chances to meet the same fate now.

table4097d ago

I'd like to know which fanboys disagreed with my comment. Please, give me some feedback.

Maybe its the badassgamerblog people defending their abomination of a website.

GCNSeanFoster4097d ago

Another on of these worthless articles? When will see "Why Killzone 3 should be on the Xbox 360"... What part of "exclusive rights" do these people not get?

All-34097d ago

Quote: Thirdly, with the Blu-Ray disc, there is no doubt EPIC games would have less constraints on what they can offer the player, larger levels, better sound, more content in every area of the game, it would be a real shame for Gears of War 3 to launch on the Xbox 360's DVD9 disc, and due to size constraints become a shadow of the game EPIC would have wanted it to be. Think about it.

Costs mean more to developers than merely making a game "larger, with more content in every area of a game" - just because of extra disc capacity... no developer is going to make a game LONGER gameplay-wise if the costs associated with it are too exorbitant.

BEFORE this generation launched, many Publishers/Developers said games WOULD-NOT-BE longer concerning gameplay, because of the high costs involved. Instead, many stated that they would be more concerned with quality vs quantity.

As for being "larger"... that depends on the game and the gameplay design... not just for the sake of being bigger. Larger gameplay areas also use up more memory... so developers can't just make everything larger. There's a memory budget to work within.. along with many other considerations. There's always going to be trade-offs... either graphically, or in another processing area.

How many 1st party PS3 games - that aren't RPG-type games have OVER 12-15 hours of actual gameplay?

pain777pas4097d ago

@Whitto you are correct sir! This game is only good as an exclusive and should hopefully stay exclusive to the 360. I am not a 360 fanboy I just like to have good exclusive games on each platform its just good for the industry. If not there will not be a console next gen or only one console and pure videogame companies. I hope that is the case and that if you want you can get different services and the like however I don't think that will happen yet. In addition I seriously think that the PS3 audience will not gravitate towards this game like the 360 audience. Shooters aren't important to Sony's fanbase so this would end up just another great among many and really its not life and death to play this game plus if you have a PC get Gears 1 cause its really hasn't evolved above and beyond from the second to the first, just more of the same stuff.

Jamegohanssj54097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

I would like my bubble back. Please and thank you.


syanara4097d ago

I DO NOT WANT GEARS ON MY CONSOLE. gears is something geared for the 360 pardon the pun. It's last 2 games were on the 360 so why should it be on the ps3? the PS3 dosen't want or need gears at all. its like if resistance 3 went on the 360 people would be like WTF? so no I hope gears stays on the 360 I personally played gears on the 360 and thought it was only okay but to be honest Gears is one of the defining xbox games like mario going on a different console its just not right besides as someone stated earlier it would not get as much attention.


keep the unreal engine on the dated pc/console hybrid.

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crematory4098d ago

behalf of ps3 owners ,GEARS OF WAR NOT INTEREST US:)

Fishy Fingers4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Dude, you dont speak for every PS3 owner. Just yourself. Some people can only afford/warrent one console, I'm sure there are plenty of PS3 owners who would love the opportunity to play the game. We're not all fanboys, some people just like playing games. Hard to believe I know.

Still, it wont happen.

siyrobbo4098d ago

i remember sony fans saying the same about ninja gaiden 2, then when it was announced they came in there pants

Mindboggle4098d ago

Dont speak for all of us.....I would love Gears on PS3, its a brilliant game. We're not all fanboys and we can appreciate good games when we see them, and Gears is one of them.

Sibs4098d ago

Yea, there are easily a couple games I would pick up really fast if I could play them on my ps3.

CobraKai4098d ago

i'm a PS360 owner and if I didn't have a 360 already I would have bought one for Gears. Games should be exclusive to one system at least just to maximize the potential of that system. I don't think MGS4 would have looked as awesome as it did if it had been multiplatform.

Mindboggle4098d ago

There a quite a few games I would love to come to PS3, Gears, Mass effect, table tennis and some other third party games...

Mikelarry4098d ago

put fishy boy.although i own both its good to see gamers like yourself who like playing and enjoying games and not sold to the fanboy BS.

Bnet3434098d ago

Go to the Epic forums. Just about everyday you see a PS3 fan make a thread asking for it to be ported to PS3. Fishy is right, I'm sure some PS3 owners wouldn't mind playing Gears on PS3. It's a great game.

deadreckoning6664098d ago

id like gears of war 3 on my ps3. epic makes more money and make a better game. therefore everyone is happy.

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bigrob1234098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

i don't think we will see the gears games on the ps3 plus if you want the games so much play them on the 360. yes it would be great to have them on ps3 but there are enough games to play if we never get it on the system. they are amazing games though i remember playing the 1st gears on my bros 360 at the time there was nothing like it. but 360 has gears and ps3 has uncharted so its not like we don't have an amazing game ourselves

@Crematory lol m8 you speak for your self not for all the Playstation community if gears was announced for the ps3 i think alt of ps3 owners would be happy as i said they are great games

@air1 m8 what are u talking about honest question? sony fanatics? not all people with a ps3 are sad some just like playing games next time you label people a fanboy look in the mirror you hypocrite

Ninver4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Even though it would be extremely satisfying to watch the little 360 kids throw fits, it just wouldn't feel right. That's like God of War 3 going on the 360 but the only difference is that they could use a AAA exclusive or two lol.

Edit: disagree troll on the loose lol.

Mindboggle4098d ago

Actually the main difference there is God of War will NEVER come to 360 as its a Sony game. Just like Halo will never come to PS3 as its a Microsoft game. Gears however is possible on PS3 as its not owned by Microsoft at all. Just how final fantasy came to 360.

TheRealSpy024098d ago

there is a troll on the loose...and he edited his comment to complain about well deserved disagrees.

Nelson M4098d ago

The Graphics are not Good enough for it to be on the PS2
No Thanks
The BoTs can Keep this Sluggish,Outdated,Overated Pile of Crap

air14098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Sounds like you actually have to play the game. sony fanatic comments and youtube videos shouldnt count as some form of review.

god knows that a game cant be good if it doesnt have the best graphics.

jaybdemented4098d ago


since you hate the 360, would love to take a game form them. even just for the bragging rights

ravinshield4097d ago

because it would save it from dying.

Hallucinate4097d ago

gears *looks* like it would feel clunky on the ps3 controller

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