PS3 Is "Three Years Ahead Of The Market" Says MS Boss

UK senior regional director for MS has been speaking to the times about the arrival of PS3 across Europe last Friday.

"In the technology and gaming there's really little in the PS3 where I can say, 'Gosh, I wish we had that'," he told the Times online. "The biggest threat that Sony has for us is the brand that's been established around it."

While Thompson admitted that PS3's graphics would give 360 a run for its money, he said that Microsoft is leading the race in the online department: "More and more we're seeing that the online experience is a really important factor. Sony has come up with an online world that seems to let you do just about everything except gaming.

"It's two, three years ahead of the market. People won't want to replace their entire DVD collections, and they'll get a better resolution with a standard DVD on an Xbox than a PS3. It's nowhere near the importance of the format war between VHS and DVD".

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Killer Cop4764d ago

I will begin counting how many times MS is "throwing mud" at Sony, how many times they really have these "Xbox 360 is better" nonsense. It's beginning to be redicioulus.

First comment ;)

calderra4764d ago

I agree with most of this, regardless of console. I still own an SDTV, I don't plan on replacing my DVDs anytime soon, and I don't want anyone trying to force that transition on me, regardless of who it is that's trying it.

I just don't care about HD... er, at all, really.
*insert shrug*
I just want my games.

Says you4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

Virtual World that would let you play games as Phil have been telling gamers if they just want to play games they can go right ahead and skip Home and this guy is just filling gamers up with lies when Phil already gave the answers to gamers if they just want to play games. and lets be honest XBox Live isnt all about games they even have movies and tv shows in there so what is he talking about. again he lies DVD doesnt actually have better resolution when he really knows that Blu Ray and HD DVD has better resolution than DVD's hes just full of himself

and theres just only one problem with that jib the third console from Sony isnt really a console for gaming its a console for Movies so your technically wrong and plus its nothing like the XBox 360 elite which is a game console.

TheGoodMART4764d ago

would you rather have a future proof console or a console that you have to replace every 2 years (360 elite) ...... nuff said

jib4764d ago

who said you needed to buy the elite?

sony's coming out with a new sku as well:

The “media-centric” PlayStation 3 will feature capabilities of consumer electronics devices and will be more focused on digital media content playback, rather than on gaming. Based on claims reportedly made by executives of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., PC Watch web-site reports that the PlayStation 3 “media-centric”-edition will feature anti-vibration mechanism on the Blu-ray disc drive, 512MB XDR memory, more advanced power supply unit and two HDMI connectors to divide audio and video data.

VirtualGamer4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

"In the technology and gaming there's really little in the PS3 where I can say, 'Gosh, I wish we had that'," he told the Times online.

So that's why MS is rumored to be announcing the Xbox 360 Elite with HDMI and 120GB hard drive? If true this will be the second time MS has reacted to what Sony is doing. First they did a firmware upgrade to allow the 360 to upscale to 1080p after first stating there was no need for 1080p and that we would not see any 1080p games from Sony or any developers.

They have also said HDMI is not needed and now are coming out with a unit with HDMI only a year and a half since it released the 360. Man I would be pissed if Sony came out with a better version of the PS3 in that short of time. MS is trying to change the console industry to be more like the PC industry, where you need to upgrade every couple years. I think this sets a very dangerous president for the industry and one that gamers should reject.

So now we have MS saying "It's two, three years ahead of the market. People won't want to replace their entire DVD collections, and they'll get a better resolution with a standard DVD on an Xbox than a PS3."

First why would you need to replace your existing dvd collection? Second does this mean in about 2 years time we will see yet another 360 with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray dirve in them instead of a DVD? Will Xbox 360 owners be asked yet again to pay again to keep up?

Wow that $600 price tag for a PS3 is sure looking like a great deal compared to having to buy 2 to 3 different 360 consoles just to end up with what PS3 owners have been enjoying years earlier.

Thanks Sony for making a console that truly is way ahead of its time!

nicodemus4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

I think you're confused.

The "elite" version isn't a requirement for anyone (I'm not getting it). 360 owners will be able to use their launch consoles from day one(as is my plan), and up until the end of the consoles lifespan, which is about 5-7 years total.

So when you come over to the 360 side to... trash-talk or whatever you're doing... make sure to get all the facts straight next time!

I'm still not sure what the problem is with having more options added to the 360 each year. MS said they weren't going to add 1080p, but they did anyway-- the same with HDMI. VG, You mentioned this like it was some kind of a negative. Not sure how you reached that conclusion...

If you don't like the 360, at least make it for a decent reason. It would make more sense to complain about a LACK of options. Don't complain when MS is ADDING new features! It only makes you look like a fanboy.

Edit: I saw this article on the front page and just assumed it was a 360 article only. Didn't mean to come over to PS3 side and start a flame war. Sorry everybody!

12Volt4764d ago

The idea is that technologies are being downplayed as useless and then integrated anyway. In other words, they use new technology to sling mud and then they make a mud pie and eat it.

For example, the 360 doesn't have WiFi, they give you the option to buy $99 WiFi adapter, where as the PS3 has it built in. (600 model)

It's good for some people to have "options" but don't keep spitting that garbage that the PS3 is overpriced because its definitely not when you do the math.

Consumers can only see the 200$ price difference and be turned off, understandably. And that makes MS smart because it appeals to average consumers to gain install base. However suppose those average consumers start wanting some of that PS3 tech that the Xbox offers as Add-ons, then the $$$ starts adding up, and not to mention its fugly!
(I'm not saying this like all consumers will - there are some that do)

Then MS doesn't look that smart, in fact they look like fat farmers trying to milk skinny cows, but that doesn't count, because first impressions count the most and the biggest impression is cost. But to us PS3 owners, Price doesn't matter because we know the Games will come. *farts*

VirtualGamer4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

The "elite" version isn't a requirement for anyone (I'm not getting it). 360 owners will be able to use their launch consoles from day one(as is my plan), and up until the end of the consoles lifespan, which is about 5-7 years total.

Neither is having to replace your DVD collection but that did not stop Neil Thompson from saying you had to now did it?

He also stated that there is nothing in the PS3 that they wished they had? So if thats true then why did they then add 1080p capability after saying it was not needed?

They have also said HDMI is not needed yet are now going to release a new version with it as well as a larger hard drive.

I have no problem with giving features to enhance your existing console purchase like what they did with the firmware update so the 360 can display 1080p. Sony does the same thing by allowing owners to upgrade their HDD in the PS3 with any standard 2.5" HDD. Does MS do that for you?

The reason I brought it up though was to show how MS says oh this is not needed only to then end up providing it later. No need for 1080p. No need for HDMI. No need for a larger HDD then 20GB and yet if they release the 360 Elite is shows they where wrong on all three counts. So now we are to take them at their word that Blu-Ray is not needed for gaming? This when already Blue Dragon is going to be released on 3 DVD discs?

Again I take anything MS has to say about what is required with a grain of salt as they have proven they then turn around and provide what they said was not needed. I hope for all 360 owners sake they allow you to upgrade your existing 360 with a larger hard drive without having to buy a 360 Elite.

I am thankful to Sony for providing a console that is far more future proof then the 360 has shown to be in only a year and a half. That $200 differents is becoming more and more a bargin as time goes on.

I am not saying the 360 is bad but just that MS strategy is not what I would call great and for them to then critize Sony for making a far more futureproof console is laughable.

The Snake4764d ago

They said none of that was needed...and none of it is. If some people want it, they react to that market. I remember them saying that HDMI was not needed but if there was enough demand they may support it, and they are. By no means is any of this needed to play Xbox 360 games in hi-def. It's just that enough people make a mountain out of a molehill over it to make it worthwhile to support. I swear they're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

sak5004764d ago

As if sony hasnt added new features or planning to.. Need i say rumble or background downloading. Home will turn out to be short delievered like most hyped stuff sony's been throwing at the public. Who the hell wants to get into a sim like application to start MP gaming. FFS just start up the game and let the game's lobby do the rest.

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nix4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

...i guess that's why it's called future proof machine. btw calderra, i think ps3 plays dvds too.. so you needn't replace your collection.

oh.. why is there so much of recycling happening... haven't we heard the same interview before..? now they are just coming back in bits and juicy pieces!

@jib (above)

dude... don't paste old news... you know it's false news!!! idiot!

achira4764d ago

better three years ahead of the market, than being three years behind the market.

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