Why I use Linux

Keir Thomas:

"Why do I use Linux? Why do I spend much of my time suggesting others use it? Is it just because it's available for free?"

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ThanatosDMC4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Why i dont use it.

1. Most computer, in my case HP laptops, dont have linux installed.
2. It's a pain for an average consumer to learn a new way how to install something that is different from the manual.
3. Too much freedom is good but a readied available format is more convenient.

Summary: Too much hassle.

Yeah, i tried to install it on my tower before... Just didnt work out as well as i had hope. I'd require more time to thinker with it. But just not enough time nowadays.

IdleLeeSiuLung4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

All of what the article mentions is valid, but is negated by the simple fact that doing anything on Linux beyond regular stuff is complex with configuration files that are badly documented. Neither is there any consistency, it is the wild wild west of utilities and apps.

Ever tried to configure Apache over IIS? Ever tried to configure Subversion? Linux works fine if you just want to do simple stuff with it, but once you pass that it is a pain!

Ease of use is the most important in an operating system, after that comes security. So the bottom line, it is free of cost in monetary terms, but not time and effort. What is your time worth?

Proxy4098d ago

An excellent question.

How much is a little know-how and knowledge worth? Another good question.

f7897904098d ago

Everything should install by clicking one icon. Windows may crash sometimes but it is convenient and can play games.


menoyou4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

linux is garbage and only trend following teens use it. they think it makes them look tech savvy or theyre simply just rebelling. now that there are free starter packs of windows coming out, linux will have zero reason to be used.

kharma454098d ago

Have you tried using Ubuntu 9.04?

Do that and then see if your opinion changes at all :)

For a free OS, it's amazing tbh.

Finalfantasykid4098d ago

Tux FTW!

Ubuntu 9.04 has got to be the most amazing OS I have ever used :), and the installation is very easy, and you can even access your windows partition files and read/write to them (OMFG).

I agree with just about everything the author described, especially with the customization part. I like to think of Linux as a middle ground between the Mac OS, and Windows. It pretty much brings the best of both worlds to generate the ultimate OS.

Viper74098d ago

Firstly because it offers nice desktop enviroment for my common needs. Pc gaming is pretty dead in my eyes and only ones I play are like CIV, AOE and maybe few good golden oldies but thats about it.

Linux fits my needs nicely, it provides me with faster, more beatifull, hell of a lot more customizeable desktop than Windows ever could. No viruses, easy to use and update, loads of free software and when ever theres a new version out I dont need to pay a penny for it!

So why wouldnt I use free operating system that offers me all features that I need free and with just a quarter of system requariments.

I do have other computer with vista, with pretty new computer but I am still using my 8 year old ubuntu computer more.

f7897904098d ago

Why would you choose an 8 year old computer over a new one with Vista? I hate Linux but if I had an 8 year old pc and a new one with Linux I would take the new one.

CyberCam4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

All you ever seem to write is NEGATIVITY... you are one of the most narrow minded individuals on N4G. You seem to believe that what you have to say is fact & not just OPINION, like everyone else on here.

You've probably never used linux or ubuntu at all, but speak as if you know all the in's & out of the OS's. Again making IGNORANT statements on what facts? Tell us about your experiences with linux then smart guy!

Just looking at you comment history tells me you just love to make negative comments on subjects you know nothing about, because your a miserable human that loves to spread misery. The only positive things you write about is the PS3, probably because it's the only console you own! You truly fit the profile of what people call a "fanboy"!

I've been the in the IT industry since the mid/late 80's and have worked on a variety of unix, linux, macs & ms windows OS's... both servers & workstation/home pc's. I know ALL OS's very well and in MY OPINION linux is the best of the best... for many of the reasons the author has explained.

As well I only own a ps3 & wii but I will never knock the 360 because I've only had a very limited experience with the unit and because I believe that unit needs to remain in the industry to keep things moving progressing forward. Just like Macs, Linux & yes even M$ Windows.

Viper74098d ago

"Why would you choose an 8 year old computer over a new one with Vista? I hate Linux but if I had an 8 year old pc and a new one with Linux I would take the new one."

I have 2 computers, a 2 years old one with vista, and 8 years old one with Ubuntu. My older computer boots 5mins faster, runs aplications faster, and has nicer looking desktop enviroment. Ofcourse I could upgrade them ram of my newer computer so It could run vista better, but then again why should I do that? if my older computer runs so much better with ubuntu with a lot smaller requariments.

I would install ubuntu my vista computer but its used by my sisters as well and as a Computer engineer I need vista for few school subjects (visual basic mostly) Ofcourse learning QT could be better but it doesnt hurt to know both.

More expensive and demanding OS doesnt always mean better os, nor does Free operating system mean that its bad.

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Rourker4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

you sir, have not fooled around with linux too much have you?

Isis064098d ago

Your not cheap...
let my think...
So I guess you have a Mac and enjoy the smell of your own farts,
own a Prius and talk smug all of the time.

I love Linux, my old ThinkPad came to live again after I switched XP out for Ubuntu. I have not had any problems what so ever but of course I not running any new games on it. Starcraft, CS 1.6, SimCity 3000 that's it so I'm probably not the best example.

riksweeney4098d ago

So every music and movie file in your possession you legitimately bought? Doubt it.

Erdrick4098d ago

i dont use linux because it cant really play games and doesn't support as many hardware configs.
also im a little lazy when it comes to re-learning how to do things i already know how to do well.

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