Preview: Hot Shots Golf 5 looks nicer, plays about the same

Columbus (OH) - With the PS3, many Sony devotees are anxiously awaiting what their favorite Playstation game series will look like in high definition. Hot Shots Golf, one of Sony's biggest cult hits, may not be the most visually intensive PS3 game in the pipeline, but fans of the series will likely enjoy the HD overhaul nonetheless.

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Ps3Fanboy7774752d ago

Towards a golf game...

Just shut up already. Sorry but reviewers are worthless now a days..

Bigmac5734752d ago

Regardless of what this game gets from reviewers I will get it, I have all the HSG games. HSG > Tiger Woods = fact.

specialguest4752d ago

I will definately pick this one up.

Bad_Karma4752d ago

The wife is rather looking forward to this one, bless her :) . Now if i can just get her interested in the games i like i can see my collection growing quite nicely .