Rethinking Blu-ray

Is Blu-ray technology destined to be a short-lived phenomenon, soon to be superseded by on-demand movies and other shows delivered via the Internet?

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DavidMacDougall4484d ago

I agree with this. Blu-Ray is going nowhere

Genesis54484d ago

You're right it's here to stay. For a while anyway. People like physical media. Why is this so hard to see? It will be around 5 to 10 years until the public is willing to pay for another advance in technology

The_Zeitgeist4484d ago

Anyone that actually owns a Blu-Ray player isn't complaining.

table4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

lol at the disagrees you got. people obviously did not read the article...unless of course you didn't read it and you mean its not getting anywhere...or they mean its not getting anywhere...or... im confused.

SoapShoes4484d ago

If it is going no where then why is it catching on faster than DVD did in an economy that is much worse than it was when DVDs came out? They've done studies and found more Blu Ray players have sold than DVD players in its first two years.

Oh, hmmm, that puts those "Blu Ray = Dead" articles to rest and even if it wasn't, it is still dong great.

DavidMacDougall4483d ago

Sorry about my first post i meant its going nowhere as in its already here. The title of the article sounds kinda like its going against blu ray but its really saying its all coming around.

xabmol4483d ago

My thoughts exactly.

...I think?


morganfell4483d ago

The article is pro Bluray and quite correct. Has anyone bothered to read some of these idiot comments left for the author? An opinion is one thing but denying black and white numbers is laughable.

aksmashh4483d ago

But Internet Needs To Speed Up(& Be Cheaper Aswell) In Uk

I Kind Of Understand People Who Want Physical Media But
Its Out Of Date (Takes Alot Of Space)

I Would Prefer Just Going On My PS3 & Choosing A Game Like How Demos & Movies Are Set Out

Also I Didn't Feel Blu-Ray Was That Much Of Move From DVD
(Not Only Because They Look Like)

Maybe Memory Cards?

table4483d ago

at the disagrees I got ^^^

I think people just make an assumption based on the headline then go around looking for comments to hit disagree on.

ThanatosDMC4483d ago

Bluray will stay a while till internet moves at blazing speeds. I'm more interested in solid state drives that have high capacities, quality made, and sold at a cheap price. I'd upgrade my laptop and then my PS3 then get rid of my tower.


these people are beyond retarded. anyone who thinks brd will succumb to vod is just lying to themselves. these fools are comparing 1.5 mbps data transfer (any vod service)versus 30 mbps ( brd). lol bunch noobs. this shows just how stupid annoys are. according to them 1 .5mbps of data equals high definition video andsound. lol do thesepeople even own a good 1080p and 7 .1 amp? or are they basing their reviews on a 480i crt and 2channel audio amp? idiots

leyego4483d ago

unless its free over the net like youtube im all for it.

if its rental stuff id rather have that on-demand tho, faster, easier, better.
if im paying full price give me a disc.

plain and simple.

SaiyanFury4483d ago

BD isn't going anywhere, the same that DVD isn't going anywhere. Also with ISPs throttling and capping bandwidth I seriously doubt that HD over the internet is viable. Then there's those of us, like me, who don't have access to internet fast enough. I'm on 1.5 mbps so I can't even stream SD quality video, let alone the 40-50mbps that's necessary for 1080p movies and video. I'll stick with buying the physical discs for the foreseeable future.

Sayai jin4483d ago

DavidMacDougall- People do like physical media, but ask around and see how many have change from CD to MP3. When MP3's came about everyone said that no one would want something they could not see or feel (CD).

But you are right, blu ray is here to stay. Every 5 to 15 years it is time for an advance in tech. So it goes.

cereal_killa4483d ago

Sayai jin your right there but I think there's a big difference between music and movies when it comes to DD/MP3, Most Bands/Solo artists, Rappers etc... release a CD most of the time there's like maybe 1 or 2 songs that people want from that CD (the odd time the entire CD is good but this is rare) this is why DD is the perfect thing for music but when it comes to Movies the only people who want DD are people who pirate movies and or tech heads/geeks. older people still want the media on some form of disk and it would take a while for people to get used to the thought of DD. Just an Opinion

edgeofblade4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Physical media will only survive until the digital distro services realize we want to pay for an enduring, re-downloadable license, not a single download.

@1.11: The public wants availability first. Only the obsessive enthusiast media cares about 1080p. The geeks can't stand against the army of eye-rolling wives...

Sarcasm4483d ago

Not until digital streaming gets lossless or MA audio, 7.1, crisp 1080p resolution, and extra movie features in HD, will I ever switch to it.

Blu-Ray is here to stay.

And as long as there's blu-ray, I'm buying them as well as the millions of other people around the world.

MovieScouse0074482d ago

Sayai jin, I don't agree with you.
Everyone I know who has an MP3 player rips the music from a CD!
That hardly sounds like the death of CD to me?

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40cal4484d ago

You are right, market studies still show that the majority of consumers still prefer to own the physical media. I think that Blu-Ray will be around at least another 10 years.

Download and streaming services will become more popular though, I stream tons of media, but when it comes to buying a movie for myself or as a gift Blu-Ray is the way to go.

Cartesian3D4484d ago

physical media is the only choice in my country (cuz of low speed internet connections) and in many other countries like mine or even with ultra high speed connection..

you cant change people attitudes toward digital downloads any time soon , many people cant even use computers or softwares or even simple Media players(or dont want).. (specialy old ones :P)

so for now (and atleast for another 10 years) with this standards (Full HD picture quality and Dolby digital surround sound) Blu-ray is enough. and with cheaper prices it will dominate physical media market just like DVD.

Golfcoachh4483d ago

I have a 14mb per second cable speed, and I still think it takes way too long to download something of the size of a blue ray disk, I think we are 20 years away from enough people having the type of speed neaded to make digital download a true reality. It seams every couple of years the file sizes of media get bigger and bigger and the broadband speed does not even come close to keeping up.

PAPERCHASER03964484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

The only thing holding Blu-ray in check right now is pricing and they are getting cheaper and so are the movies they are on sale a lot more now. Electronics always get cheaper in time as competition grows the same way always with most products,with the forced move of consumers toward digital tv programming many have purchased hi-def tvs already and Bl-ray is definitely the next step up... So I can say it will be around for quite some time

Leathersoup4483d ago

I agree. I have a Blu-Ray player but I'm only going to purchase content that is within a relatively sane price range. Basically I'm waiting for the cost to come down. Hi-def is great but at the moment the cost difference doesn't out weigh the improvement in quality.

SoapShoes4484d ago

Blu Ray isn't going anywhere and may last just as long or longer than DVD considering they have working prototypes with 8 layers and up to 200gb. I think I read about one with even up to 400gb capacity. It can last on that fact alone.

This article does nothing but mention Sony failures, well they co-developed the CD and that is still a success today! They also developed the Blu Ray and guess what? That's a success.

Sibs4483d ago

Guess what... the same can be done with a Blu-Ray disc. They have prototype 1TB disc and larger if I remember right.

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