More than 30,000 PS3 owners sign up for [email protected]

The latest stats for the [email protected] project reveal that more than 30,000 PlayStation 3 owners have now signed up to take part in the project.

According to the latest statistics, nearly 40,000 PS3 CPUs are linked with the project - and more than 30,000 have been actively performing calculations in the last 50 days.

That figure stood at just under 15,000 on Friday, and has likely been boosted by new sales of PlayStation 3 following the console's European launch.

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VirtualGamer5201d ago

You know I bought the PS3 for gaming and watching Blu-ray movies which are truly self indulgent activities. Last night I installed [email protected] and left my PS3 on for the night running the program. Its nice to be able to use my PS3 and be a small part in helping to find a cure for disease.

I encourage all PS3 owners to participate. Its very easy to download and install then just turn on the program and let it run during the night while you sleep or you can also set it to come on automatically when your PS3 is idle. Either way you will be helping out a great cause.

HokieFan5201d ago

This is really a wonderful idea. I hope everyone with a PS3 signs up...and maybe they could bring this to the 360 as well.

r10005201d ago

***CRY *** CRY *** CRY*** your PS should just be for gaming.... How dare you do "OTHER" things on that machine... are you insane... watch movies... thats just crazy*** CAR ***CRY

End sarcasm

Folding is pretty cool!!

Bathyj5201d ago (Edited 5201d ago )

Good work guys. Its very self-less of you to do that for such a good cause. I'm personally a bit hestitent about leaving my PS3 on all the time for long periods so I haven't signed up but, it is a really good thing.

Imagine if they actually discover something significant really soon thanks to all the extra power they have now. You would have to feel pretty good about yourselves.

Once again, nice work to anyone who'se participating and you 3 guys posting above me just got bubbles. ;)

scriptkiddie5201d ago

I wonder how much this would cost in electricity. I wonder if this will cause extra wear and tear on your system causing it to break down sooner then normal.

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