Apparently Sony doesn't care about selling games on PS3

Mike says:

"Sony currently has more internal studios than Microsoft and Nintendo combined. There is little doubt that Sony spends a ton of money on building its in-house development studios. However, according to an ex-Sony employee it seems like Sony may not really care about selling a lot of first party games all that much.

Of course Sony cares about selling first party games to a certain degree, but the company may not care if its internally developed games do not sell a gazillion units. David Jaffe, the man best known for God of War and Twisted Metal dropped some hints as to why he loves working with Sony on first-party development."

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Lfmesquite3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I saw that video from Jaffe, he was totally nice in it, and made come comments on how developing first party titles gives you a bit more creative freedom, instead of just being like EA where all they care about sales, sales, sales.

And then from that, suddenly some asshole makes up a story on how Sony doesn't care about selling firsty party games.

gamesmaster3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

i saw that same video, and jaffe hints nothing about them not wanting to sell games. he talks about creative freedom, like you say, when developing first party.

need hits much gamer.blorge?

CrazzyMan3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Exclusive 2 mln. sellers:

on PS3:

After 2 years - 6 exclusive games, that sold over 2 mln. copies.

on x360:
Halo 3
Forza 2
Gears 2
Fable 2

After 3(!) years only 4 exclusive games, that sold over 2 mln. copies.

You may add for x360 also 3 multiplatform titles, that are on x360 AND PC - Mass Effect, Gears and Lef 4 Dead.
BUT that`s it.
Moreover, i`m pretty sure, that Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 will soon pass 2 mln. mark this year too.

Now, ask the question, who is longer on the market? Who has bigger install base for now?

Sony of`course want to sell more good games, BUT their strategy - IF game is good, you will buy it, if not, then it`s YOUR loss.
They will always make profit. Just remember Uncharted, which in first month did around 200-300k, and now is around 2,5 mln. copies sold.

Good advertising of`course help selling games, BUT why spend money on advertising(instead on games), iF in the end GOOD game WILL sell, just like Valkyria Chronicles, which also passed 400k(and still selling) copies sold, and that is A LOT for a STRATEGY jRPG game.

MasFlowKiller3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I guess this explains the lack of exclusive right?

That explains a lot, games right now cost so much money to make and since the PS3 is not in the game selling business then why should sony make game for it........ ohh wait they are making game for it, If am not confuse they got more first party studios making game for the PS3 them both Microsoft and Nintendo put together.

the logic of article make no sense, why would sony pump millions into their first party studios if they dont want to sell games?

thor3462d ago

Yeah Crazzyman you're spot on.

The main argument is that Sony's 1st party games don't make Halo 3 numbers. Let's not kid ourselves here - do we REALLY expect any game to sell like that when:

- Halo 3 is touted as THE game to buy an Xbox 360 for, many people wouldn't even have bought their console if it wasn't for this game
- Halo 3 had an absolutely massive marketing budget, and as we all know, Microsoft know how to sell software
- Halo 3 is coming off the back of 2 very successful, critically acclaimed and heavily advertised games
- Halo 3 was met with near-universal critical acclaim
- Halo 3 still sets the bar for features in a console FPS

Now no matter what you think of it, it's going to sell well if you put it like that. The key one is marketing; and not just the quantity of adverts, but the way Halo was perceived in the public eye. It was hyped by everyone AND there was little to no hate or anti-hype before the game released. It doesn't really have any flaws which you can attack - KZ2 CAN be attacked for having no co-op, I've only ever seen fanboys having a go at Halo because of its colour scheme. Playing with friends via online split-screen also helps to spread its popularity which some PS3 games do not have.

Even still, Sony KNOW that PEOPLE. BUY. GAMES. Many people will go out to buy a game every so often. Not because they want to buy a specific game on release. In the end, most people will probably buy the same amount of games anyway. So in that sense they can get away with not blowing a huge amount on marketing, and their total sales across all games will be similar. If you add up the sales of all those games you mentioned, and all of the 360 games you mentioned, you end up with...

Motorstorm: 3 mil
Resistance: 4 mil
Uncharted: 2.5 mil
MGS4: 4 mil
LBP: 2 mil
GT5P: 3 mil
18.5 mil

Compared with

Halo 3: 9 mil
Forza 2: 4 mil
Gears 2: 4 mil
Fable 2: 2.5 mil
19.5 mil

OH MY GOD!!! 1 million difference. And that's with the gap in install base. If you want to go into attach rates for those games, PS3 games look like they sell even better.

IdleLeeSiuLung3462d ago

Twisting numbers, selectively setting the cut-off and excluding games can certainly spin the numbers in favor of one machine or the other.

I could have equally have said let's set the numbers at 500k, 5 million or 7 million.

Enough said, but Xbox 360 is unmatched when it comes to software and accessory attach ratio. Sony exclusives sells poorly relative to the market size and install base. Sony has so far this generation an unmatched upcoming exclusive game lineup. I'm not spinning that, and saying it as it is.

Lucreto3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

That list is pretty good but MGS 4 is not first party and you forgot Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk and Folklore. Sony own the IP for Heavenly Sword as well.

StayHigh3462d ago

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 sold over 1 million..There lots of first party games that sell really great..I bet you new PS3 owner will pick up these games and play it..

Halo3 MLG Pro3462d ago

WOW Crazzyman, your list is so wrong in so many places. Nice fanboy attempt tho.

aldesko3461d ago

Thanks for the links... I can't believe how much marvel: ultimate alliance has sold. I'm also surprised Mass Effect isn't on the last.

It looks like the PS3 list hasn't been updated in a while.. LBP and R2 aren't on the last while Fable 2 is up on the 360's.

It's interesting how 9/10 of Sony's list are exclusives while only 4/10 of 360's are exclusive, too.

Sarick3461d ago

Yea it's got cool music.

DARKKNIGHT3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

replaced units from best buy, circuit city, and any other retailer which offers instore item swap COUNT AS +SALES for microsoft.

I have stated this all along. microsofts software to hardware numbers never corelate, and all through this generation they have been caught red handed:

rrod doesnt exist
hdmi is not needed
hddvd is better than bluray
ps3 will fail "campaigns"
360 doesnt scratch discs
cell processor and rsx is no good for gaming
claiming multiplats as exclusives when they are really timed exclusives

microsoft has tried everything, sony just keeps moving forward.

quality owns quantity and greased sales in the long run. kutaragi said it best: "this console generation we are focused on long term goals, NOT short lived success"

he was right, in this marathon the other companies ARE losing momentum. ps3 seems to be steadily picking up the pace, ready to pass the exhausted opponents.

360 has peaked, anything that goes up must come down. 360 games are not impressive to say the least, especially when compared to ps3 titles. ps3 has just begun to deliver next gen games, and its not gonna slow down anytime soon.

Halo3 MLG Pro3461d ago

"replaced units from best buy, circuit city, and any other retailer which offers instore item swap COUNT AS +SALES for microsoft."

Do you a link for this or are you thinking with your butt again?


did i have a link for everything else i have claimed as it unfolded?


did it all become true WITHIN MY STATED TIMEFRAMES, and out of spite xboxfans stole 5 of my bubbles?


think what you want. just remember i said it first.

WHO AM I? and how do i make these acurate assesments, that become reality?

lol. save this post in a text file. READ IT when your halo3 disc reader goes out for repairs.

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Droid Control3462d ago

happily never make a any kind of real profit. Whats the point in being number one if you never make money? This idea of playing the long game is stupid.

Why can't M$ concentrate on creating decent hardware, and backing innovative games like sony, and THEN marketshare will come to you...

Its the way sony did it.

Sure, they fraked up a bit with the PS3, and its cost them, but they'll recover, eventually...

XXXCouture3462d ago

i hate ms for closing down ensemble

ultimolu3462d ago

You deserve a bubble for that.

360isthebestps3sucks3462d ago

flopzone2 say hellooooo.........

GameGambits3462d ago

I 100% agree and thats why this site has become a joke. You have to hunt for actual news on a site called

Crap like this gets approved. If this site needs better mods why not get more who'd actually stop crap like this from showing up on here? I'm also tired of every other persons blog hitting on here as NEWS.

Someone needs to just make a new site that is for actual news and not flamebait BS blog site BS rumor buzz crap.

Lfmesquite3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

The one that sorta surprised me was that whole, "5 reason why XBOX 360 has beaten PS3"

first off this generation is far from over and more surprising is that it was an article from an XBOX site.

An XBOX site declaring premature victory is news? That's not news, that's flamebait. I was surprised they let that one stand.

And another one, "OPINION: Killzone 2 vs XBOX 360"

Someone was basically putting down Killzone 2, a game that received overall critical acclaim and being pro 360. But it's okay because it's just an opinion?

I didn't have a big problem with that one, but it's kinda lame that we have to entertain the opinion of some fanboy as news.

Chuk_Chuk3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

My friends, sisters, boyfriend, older brothers, best mate knows this guy who was a sony ex employee who says that they are closing down their gaming division.

just because they say hes an ex employee doesn't mean he is one.

Revvin3462d ago

He may well have been an ex Sony employeee - the janitor

farhsa20083462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Yeah so Sony must make all these AAA games for the fun of it then, huh?

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