Diablo 3 Beta Download

The current rumors floating around regards Diablo 3 Alpha-beta download (torrents) around the web, are all fake!

So we kindly inform you to stay away from those Diablo 3 Alpha-beta tests websites, (they can be harmful virus and spyware) the current stage of Diablo 3 is only available for the Developers or friends & family. When there will be a Diablo III beta test it will be announced on the official Blizzard website:

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SteelyPhil3516d ago

i almost jizzed my pants when i read the title

ThanatosDMC3516d ago

Dont download for your own good... err... computer.

k1ng6173516d ago

"i almost jizzed my pants when i read the title "

yes my tent was about pitched

Torkith3516d ago

Everyone knows Blizzard locks up there Alphas and Beta's really good. Even if the Beta was out, you wouldn't just be able to play it. You would probably need a beta key from some event.

To bad my Beta key from last Blizzcon is for Starcraft 2, here's hoping to a Diablo 3 one this year.