'World of Warcraft' on an iPhone… For Real?

TA:Most of you have probably seen World of Warcraft-on-iPhone claims/videos/mock-ups before, but this time it looks like it might actually be true.

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Scudd5024d ago

Looks genuine enough, Vollee specialise in streaming games from PC over a network to 3g Phones, they talked about this a while ago and also talked about Second Life, this would be a great idea if they could sort out the framerate.

dreamtheater875024d ago

Cool tech, but I can't imagine a game more unplayable without a keyboard. There are only 6 buttons on the hot bar. What I'd really like to see is point and click adventure games on the iphone. They work well on the DS too. Now if only the old LucasArts team would reunite...

Montrealien5024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

Its clear that you won't go raiding with this or do some arenas, or pvp. But some basic questing and especially auction checking and guild chatter on the go is very welcome to any person who plays wow on a regular basis.

If this is real, it is pretty big news for one of the most popular games on the planet and I am very very happy about this.

JohnClark5024d ago

...and after this, they will implant WoW into your brain. This will allow you to play whenever and wherever you want, and finally Blizzard shall achieve world domination.