A$25 million worth of PS3 gear sold in Australia since launch

A$25 million ($20 million) worth of PS3 consoles, games and accessories sold in Australia since launch; console won't break Wii's record of fastest selling by units.

Figures from data trackers GfK Australia show that the Wii sold 32,901 units in its first four days after launch. The previous record holder was the Xbox 360, which sold 30,421 units in its first four days of availability. Before the 360, Sony's PSP was king with 27,055 units sold in the first four days. While the PS3 won't break the Wii's record, Sony's console does have the disadvantage of being more than double the price of the Wii in Australia. The PS3 retails for A$999.95 ($805), while Wiis will set consumers back A$399.95 ($322). The top Xbox 360 bundle costs A$649.95 ($523) in Australia.

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PSN Starfleets5201d ago

That would mean the PS3 sold around 20-22,000 consoles in Australia (not including games and accessories).

The xbox360 still sold more making around $20,000 (not including games or accessories).