1UP breaks embargo, slips Punch-Out!! info

NintendoDpad reports:
"1UP in their latest podcast seems to have broken NDA and announced Piston Honda as well as Balance Board compatibility for Punch-Out!!."

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Product3465d ago

Give me some NDA's Nintendo i will keep my mouth shut.

avantgarde843465d ago

Haha Nintendo give me a playable Kid Icarus i wont talk.

Smacktard3465d ago

If you mean a playable Kid Icarus in Punch-Out!!, why? These ideas are so bad. Just like when the last Smash Brothers was announced, you'd hear people going "Oh, well gives us Zero and Axl and Sigma and Roll XD XD and give us Robotnik and Shadow and Amy and Tails and Knuckles and Rogue and Travis Touchdown and Some Inconsequential Character from a Barely Recognized game"

These are all such bad ideas. Kid Icarus was great for Brawl, but for Punch-Out!!? What the hell?

avantgarde843465d ago

what are you talking about?
I was saying if Nintendo gives out demo copies or review copies of Punchout to 1up and they talk why not give me the rumored Kid Icarus game that is in development.

I wanted a playable Kid game not a playable Pit in Punchout.

Delive3465d ago

No surprise there. Now, had they dropped news that Mike Tyson was back in it, That would be a shocker.

bigjclassic3465d ago

90% of the HD era games this year, and the N4G "users" will come up with all types of excuses the discredit Punch-Out and Nintendo.

Anyways, Day one for me.

Shnazzyone3465d ago

well i can't believe nintendo is embargoing this info. Everyone knew that some of the original fighters were making a reappearence and i could have sworn balance board support was announced at gdc. maybe they just can't talk the balance board controls specifics.

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