CVG: Analyzing Modern Warfare 2


"Who'd have thought a two-minute teaser trailer could reveal so much? PSW dissects every frame for clues you might have missed..."

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Chuk_Chuk3466d ago

only 3 new perks. someone running out of ideas?

Fishy Fingers3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Well COD is steeped in realism. There only so many you can come up with before you start going OTT, Jet Pack Perk etc.

Either way, we dont know for sure. They could be incorrect.

Chubear3465d ago

..."steeped in realism"?

DominusRebellis3465d ago

You know, cause when you die you automatically drop a live grenade, just like in real life!

Anyways, I think this guy analyzed the video waaaay too much. How does a bus indicate it's in the USA? Duhh buses can be found everywhere even in India. I like his reasoning though about the Russians hiding their identity to cause a blame of other countries is accurate. Either way...I will PWN you all in teh multiplayer

velaxun3465d ago

am I the only person that's actually excited for the single player more than anything?

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Agent VX3466d ago

Good to see this title is coming along. Easily the best FPS this generation is COD 4 MW, the sequel is looking hot.

Fishy Fingers3465d ago

Well more so than Halo/Killzone or the majority of FPS games. Real weapons, real equiptment. Humans fighting humans.

mario8883465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Take out the Auto Aim for us minority Gamers. And to all of you who swear this game is the best game around because it's so fun and real. It's not for the true hardcore gamers like me. I know Infinity Ward put the Auto aim so this game can appeal to a broader market but at least allow you the option to turn it off when you play online.

And for those xbox noobs who know nothing about competitive online gaming. Because Halo, Gears and COD is played in MLG. Does not mean it's a game of skill. You cannot compare Major League Gaming to MLB, NFL or NBA.

But if you are still going to get this game make sure you pick this up.


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