More Video Game Movies That Could Work

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "Any core gamer knows that many video games have excellent stories and extremely memorable characters. For one reason or another, video game to film transitions haven't had what you would call a spotless history. These films often go wrong because of a poor choice of director such as Uwe Boll, a small budget or a terrible script in general. 2009 has already seen a very painful video game inspired film in the form of The Legend of Chun Li: Street Fighter. The Street Fighter series of video games may not be well known for its less than captivating story, but it certainly didn't deserve to have that movie attached to its name. In the next couple of years, gamers are likely to see a couple of video game inspired movies that could change this negative trend such as the upcoming Bioshock movie and the rumoured Dead Space live action movie. TNG has listed a few video game inspired movies that could work in a previous article such as a Duke Nukem movie with Mickey Rourke as the lead and a Mass Effect film. Here are a few more video games that could be amazing on the big screen if they had the right minds behind them."

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Tomdc3465d ago

if they made a kingdom hearts movie i'd track down and kiss everyone responsible O_O

MrWeymes3465d ago

I wouldn't kiss everyone but I would hand out firm hand-shakes.

ReservoirDog3163465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

A Mass Effect movie would be good because the directing and cinematography in the game were sometimes terrible like


at the end when they think Shepard died and then he emerges alive; that piece is just terribly done

also that last piece with when it shows Shepard just standing there as savior of the galaxy. I honestly just look away at that piece.

also the dialogue is sometimes really bad

edit: a kingdom hearts movie would be kinda hard wouldn't it? I mean, they'd have to only stay at a world maybe five or six minutes to get at least a good handful in a two hour movie, plus to get all that narrative in there?

I think it's best kept as a game but I would love it if they got it to work

JohnClark3465d ago

Dead Space live action movie! I'll grab a backpack full of barf bags and be there!!!! ^_^

jonboi243465d ago

If done right a Kingdom Hearts move done by Pixar would be insane. The thought of it just if blows my mind.